Here we go again.

Like last weekend's forecast, we appear to be in for a dose of rain starting today followed by a blast of north wind. Similarly,  its good or bad, depending on where you're fishing.

As suspected, last Friday's precipitation cranked up the flow on Trail Creek and attracted a very nice slug of coho along with a few kings and steelies. Lakefront anglers — both shore casters and small boat trollers inside the harbor — whacked them pretty good for a couple days. Stream anglers put a whipping on the coho, too.

The downside of the weather is it forced cancelation of the Salmon Slam while also blowing out the cold, salmon-friendly water which had set up outside Michigan City prior to last weekend's blow.

The open lake trolling hasn't recovered this week and the weather buoy was showing warm, 65-degree temperatures from top to bottom in 60 feet of water on Thursday.

The pier and harbor salmon bite also died pretty quickly on the heels of mild weather.

On the plus side, its time for Chinook to show. The last half of September use to be prime for kings in Michigan City. And at some point, water temperatures won't matter as the salmon are programmed for a spawning run.

Cool temperatures in the forecast and a rough lake have stacked the kings in the harbor before.

Silver Horde-type plugs, J-13 Rapalas and a host of rattling crank-baits are preferred by harbor trollers for big kings. Smaller versions, including the standby Thin Fin, are bit better for coho.

I heard the new Yakima Mag-Lip in the 3.5 size was hot for the coho last weekend. Glow patterns are favored at daybreak followed by firetiger and metallic finishes during the day.

Shore guys do well with glow/green stripe K.O. Wobblers and firetiger or green Flicker Shads. Spinners were always my favorite for coho, especially in the stream.

A pink or pearl and pink No. 3 blade is a standard coho killer, although just about any blade used for steelhead will tempt coho.

Coho also seem to stack up in deeper, slower runs than steelies. And like all the other salmonids, when the water warms and clears and fishing pressure has been on, they can get mighty tough to hook.

That may not be a problem this weekend, as precipitation and colder temperatures should ramp up the bite again. Should bring in plenty of fresh salmon, too.

DNR personnel reportedly passed 200 or more coho beyond the lamprey dam at Springland Ave. on Monday and Tuesday. They're still working on meeting Skamania brood stock needs.

A lot of the coho are finely proportioned five and six pounders. As always, there seem to be an equal number of 14 and 15-inch jacks. Coho, unlike their Chinook cousins, maintain their bright, red-orange flesh for a month or so after entering the streams and remain excellent table fare.

There were some perch, in less than limit numbers, around at mid week. Catches were coming in 20 to 35 feet of water east of the harbor from the "condo" to the blue water tower. Depending on the extent of the blow, perch should perk up again during the middle of the week.

Inland, anglers were enjoying summer temperatures at mid week, but I didn't hear anything exceptional being caught. A few bass on the weedlines and a few handfuls of crappie or bluegill along the deep weed edges.

Outdoor notes: Teal season closes Sunday. Youth deer hunting weekend is Sept. 26-27. Statewide deer-archery and turkey-archery open Oct. 1. See for complete regulations for the hunting seasons. … The Indiana Natural Resources Commission gave final approval of new catfish regulations on Tuesday. The new regs, which will likely be in place for 2016, increase the minimum size limit on catfish in streams and river to 13 inches (up from 10) and limit the number of larger catfish that can be taken to no more than one each per day of channel cats at least 28 inches long and blue and flatheads at least 35.

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