UNION MILLS — For a kicker, Andrew Karsten has a pretty good idea what to do when he gets the football in his hands, too.

"I take pride. A lot of kickers at bigger schools are just kickers," the South Central senior said. "I play multiple positions. It's a fun time. I enjoy it."

Karsten, who also plays receiver and defensive back, snagged an ill-advised Nate Dukich pass at the Lake Station 45 and weaved his way down the sideline for a touchdown, catching his breath to add the extra point a minute later.

"I was very tired. I was huffing and puffing," Karsten said, teammate Jake Osburn joking alongside about calling an onside kick.

The play was one of several highlights for the Satellites, who registered their first win of the season with a resounding 50-0 rout of Lake Station on Saturday.

"It was a good feeling. The kids probably needed that," S.C. coach Buzz Schoff said. "Football became fun again. We're still learning, we still have young kids. We were faster than them, we were stronger than them. In every aspect of the game, we were better than they were and it showed. We don't play teams like that. It's the first time we've ever played a team where we were dominant in every area."

Karsten's pick six, his first interception and touchdown in high school, came one play after Brady Glisic's 17-yard rollout pass to Jacob Oehmen as S.C. (1-5) scored 14 points in a span of 21.2 seconds in the final minute of the first half to make it 27-0. It looked like he may have stepped out of bounds inside the 20, but was adamant he didn't.

"It was inside," said Karsten, who added a second pickoff early in the third quarter and a tackle for loss. "It was slick, the foot just kind of pushed (the grass). I always enjoy having the ball. Obviously, with Jake being our featured player, he gets the ball a lot, but when I get the chance, I try to take advantage of it."

Schoff emphasized that Karsten, while a solid kicker, isn't just a kicker.

"He's also a really good player," Schoff said. "We ran jet sweep with him in the first half and we made the comment at halftime that it was the first time we've ever run jet sweep where it really looked like jet sweep. He got to the numbers and cut it up."

Osburn ran for 139 yards on 15 carries with touchdown runs of 14 and 28 yards, finding gaping space throughout as S.C. amassed 333 yards on the ground.

"Without them, I'm nothing. The stat sheet doesn't lie," Osburn said of his line. "I can't do it all by myself. The guys up front, they gave me space. All the credit to them."

Glisic ran for 43 yards and a 9-yard touchdown that started the scoring, and had a 50-yard shovel pass TD to Zack Christy, completing 5 of 6 for 103 yards.

"We wanted to keep them guessing, keep them on their toes, don't let them tee off on anything," Schoff said. "We don't need a touchdown every play, we just need five yards. Just keep running the offense. Even though everything is working, you can't stick to one thing. You still have to build on stuff. You can't tell the kids to lay off."

Antonio Guevara added a 35-yard scoring run on the next snap after a sack and safety in the fourth quarter. Lake Station (1-5) netted zero yards on the ground and 56 total with SC lineman Andrew Huizar also intercepting Dukich.

"The first half kind of went how I thought it would go," Schoff said. "They came out with the run game and completely shut that down and they kind of went into panic mode. When you're running hitches and out routes, at some point, the offense is going to stall. We just had to hold on until that happens and it finally happened. We were hitting. The kids made some dumb penalties and that was addressed immediately. We've been on the flip side of that where nothing's working. You've just got to let it go."

The game was played with a running clock in the fourth quarter.

"It feels amazing," Karsten said. "We've put in so much work. We've gotten down on ourselves. We know we're a better team than how we've played. Having a game like this, being so good, it will help. This will be a big morale booster."

Karsten kidded about having S.C.'s remaining games moved to Saturday.

"It feels good, especially for the guys who have never played football," Osburn said. "We have a ton of new guys and they've never experienced what it's like to win. We've been sticking to it. If we keep working hard, it'll come. Now that we know how it feels to win, I think this will definitely be a confidence booster. We can't take plays off. We still had a lot of penalties, we have stuff to clean up, but we'll get after it again and see if we can get another one."

South Central 50, Lake Station 0

Jake Osburn ran for 139 yards and two scores.

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