2019 Skamania Mania

Final Results

1. Raymond Chi, Chicago, 16 pounds-13 ounces; 2. Jeff Daby, Valparaiso, 15-5; 3. Jacob Tabler, La Porte, 14-10; 4. Jarett Carlson, Darien, Ill., 14-10; 5. Brian Simpkins, Indianapolis, 13-10; 6. Jack Garson, St. John, 13-10; 7. Rich Jendrzejczyk, Chesterton, 13-10; 8. David Somerfield, Crestwood, Ill.; 13-3; 9. Michael Kotfer, Munster, 12-12; 10. Aaron Yuen, Chicago, 12-11; 11. Dan Metzger, La Porte; 12-4; 12. Anthony Hootman, La Porte, 12-2; 13. Evan Conway, Munster, Ind., 11-10

Note: Ties decided by first fish weighed received higher place.

Women's Golf

'Par-Tee' Golfers


A Flight

Low Gross: Jane Shuger. Low Net: Barb Rumbuc. Low Putts, Event: Sharon Weber.

B Flight

Low Gross: Pam Jaracz. Low Net: Ev Cassin. Low Putts: Linda Hirsch. Event: Pam Jaracz.

C Flight

Low Gross, Low Net, Low Putts: Nancy Ash. Event: Ginny Litz.

Men's Basketball

LTG League


Tuesday's Scores: Edgewood Dental 89, Smoke 74; Entyce 100, Unity in the Community 86; Lawless 88, 808 84.

Standings: 1. (tie) Lawless, Edgewood Dental, Entyce 5-1; 4. (tie) BRICK Squad, Unity in the Community 2-4; 6. (tie) 808, Smoke 1-5.

Notes: In the last night of games in the first round, all the top-seeded teams won as expected. Team 808 came out and put up a tough fight against Lawless but came up just short of the upset. Tonight starts the second of three rounds of games and also is the last night before a week-long break for the holiday.

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