Men's Basketball

LTG League


Tuesday's Results: Entyce 98, 808 95; BRICK SQUAD 65, Unity in the Community 62; Lawless 98, Smoke 85.

Standings: Lawless and Entyce 7-1, Edgewood Dental 6-1, BRICK Squad 3-5, Unity in the Community 2-6, Smoke 1-6, 808 1-7.

Tonight's Schedule: BRICK Squad vs. Smoke, 7; 808 vs. Unity in the Community, 8; Edgewood Dental vs. Entyce, 9.

Will's Words: Another good day in the books for LTG Summer League. and Lawless both pick up wins, staying tied for first place. Everybody who has been out knows that last-place 808 is a dangerous squad. Week after week, they're all close games. I see this second half of the season going very different for them. Brick Squad came in short-handed but found a good replacement to step in. They outlasted Unity in the Community. These young fellas play hard and never give up. Three teams tied for first place (Edgewood Dental, Lawless, and Entyce) will all play each other over the next three competing nights starting with Entyce versus Edgewood Dental tonight. Maybe by the end of next week we will see one team emerge as the league leader for the first time this season... or will they all just beat each other again? Join us tonight at 7!

Women's Golf

Par-Tee Women Golfers

A Flight

Low Gross: Linda Gorman, Alice Wozniak, Sharon Weber

Low Net: Wozniak

Low Putts: Gorman

Event: Wozniak

B Flight

Low Gross, Low Net, Low Putts: Jane Spang


Event: Jane Shuger

C Flight

Low Gross: Dee Goeing, Ginny Litz

Low Net: Pam Vankosky

Low Putts: Nancy Ash

Event: Goeing, Carolyn Cooney


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