MICHIGAN CITY — There's a big void, 6-foot-5 to be exact, to fill in for Michigan City girls basketball, and the best way Wolves coach Mike Megyese can move on from Indiana All-Star Hannah Noveroske is a case of selective amnesia.

"We lost some pretty good kids," Megyese said. "But like I told the kids, who were they? I don't remember who they were. We're going forward because we have to, we have no choice. It's a new era. The last era was a proud era. Now it's time to make another proud era."

The good news is the cupboard in the Wolves Den is still fairly well-stocked with Trinity Thompson, Katelyn Halfacre and DeNaya Hall in the fold.

"It's always nice when you have players to build around," Megyese said. "We have some young kids who don't know any better, who are just going out and playing. Sometimes, that can be a good thing. You mix them in with experienced kids, kids who have played at a pretty high level as they become upperclassmen. The nice thing when you have summer basketball like we have now, playing tournaments, it gives you a chance to find out what your team's all about. It's not like 30 years ago. We were together all summer and we have a pretty good pulse of where we're at, what we do well and what we need to improve upon."

Thompson isn't even City's top returning scorer -- that's Katelyn Halfacre -- but the 6-foot junior's star soared in the off-season, averaging over 22 points per game and drawing Division I offers and interest in the process.

"Trinity is one of the best players in the region if not the strongest basketball player," Megyese said. "She's a difficult matchup with her ability to go inside and outside. People are going to look at her as our horse and we're going to ride that horse as much as we can. (Duneland Conference) coaches were throwing their hands up in the air, how are we going to stop her? They will try to stop that horse and we've got a couple thoroughbreds right behind her who are pretty darn good."

In addition, Halfacre provides a strong perimeter shooting threat and Hall an elite defensive player with offensive potential.

"DeNaya is very athletic, she is really lock down on defense," Megyese said. "Katelyn's just a natural, a kid who can shoot the 3, a good leader. Those three give us a good starting point. I love all three of them. We can't win without any of them. We're definitely going to play different than we did. What we do offensively is geared differently, but I like what we have."

Megyese also likes City's chances to compete in the Duneland and sectional, where the Wolves have moved east.

"I feel good about the DAC," he said. "I feel we can win a lot of games. Obviously, Crown Point is the top dog, by far, heads above everybody else. We can beat anybody else or probably get beat by anybody else. Every coach, every team comes in every season and wants to win a state championship. I can't say whether we're going to or not, but the state tournament has a starting point and that's the sectional. You look at our sectional, we're more than capable of winning. We know we have a shot and we'll do whatever we can to make it happen. We know we can beat Plymouth, we know we can beat La Porte. We also know they can beat us on a given day. We came up a little short last year, maybe we can win this year, get in the regional and who know what happens from there."

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