No more weather postponements, please

Photo by Scott AllenMarquette’s Joe Andershock shoots a floater against Gary 21st Century on Dec. 9. It feels like it’s been since then that area schools have had sporting events take place because of the weather.

Just when I thought it was time to get over the holiday hangover, I revert back to my “get off my lawn” persona.

Usually after the Christmas and New Year’s holiday weeks that wreak havoc with scheduling, I get back into the swing of things by covering a few events.

I’m a happy guy if you get me in a gym watching some hoops or wrestling, or in a pool watching swimming, or in a bowling center as the high school bowling postseason starts this weekend — nothing wrong with going to City Lanes on Saturday to watch the conference champion Michigan City girls and boys start long postseason runs.

So when three events I was going to cover over the last week and a half are postponed, Mr. Grumpy returns (that is my favorite Disney character … I’m wearing a Grumpy t-shirt under my dress shirt as I’m writing this).

Three different weather occurrences have led to postponements since the calendar turned to the New Year — snow, extreme cold and fog.

From Michigan City to La Porte to Marquette to New Prairie and beyond, every La Porte County school seems to have been affected … thanks Mother Nature.

The result is me relegated to thinking, “You know, when I was a kid we didn’t cancel school or sporting events due to freakin’ fog or cold!”

I get it and don’t get it.

Yes, I get it that the safety of the kids is very important. You don’t want a bus trying to matriculate through dense fog or have the chance of the heat going out on a bus when it’s 5-below zero.

But I also don’t get it because I come from the generation of kids ordering illegal fireworks through mail order and then having “fireworks wars” in the park, launching bottle rockets and skyrockets at each other with complete disregard for safety.

Maybe I am turning into my dad, who lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where they have much more lenient and realistic policies on athletic postponements.

I’m looking forward to actually covering some things the next couple days. But looking at the weather forecast with cold and snow returning, I’m betting they’re all postponed. Wimps!

• The real national champion: So did you hear that the University of Central Florida was given a parade at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World last week (UCF is located in Orlando, Florida) after its football team defeated Auburn 34-27 in the Peach Bowl to finish 13-0.

In the final poll, UCF was No. 6 despite finishing as the only Division-I unbeaten team and beating an Auburn squad that also beat national champ Alabama and runner-up Georgia.

Why a parade? Because the whole UCF community declared themselves national champions with a banner and everything.

Now usually I’ll dismiss the reasoning that if a team beats a team that beat another team, the original team is better than the latter, but in this case

I’m all in just like UCF fans, players and administration. In fact, the UCF coaches had a clause in their contract that if they won a national title they would receive bonuses … and you guessed it, they were actually given those bonuses.

What I like most about UCF — besides being in one of the greatest cities in America — is that head coach Scott Frost and his staff remained to coach the final game and finish the undefeated season despite Frost taking the head coaching job at his alma mater Nebraska.

I also like UCF fans that bought a billboard in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, asking the fake national champs, “Congratulations Alabama. How about a home & home series with UCF?”

Good job. Come on Nick Saban. Step up, unless you’re scared.

Reach sports editor Steve T. Gorches at or (219) 214-4206. Follow him on Twitter @SteveTGorches.

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