Westville names Eubank new A.D.

Drew Eubank

Westville boys basketball coach Drew Eubank was officially named the new athletic director on Wednesday night, replacing former girls basketball coach and athletic director Josh Goeringer in the role.

Eubank, who took over as boys coach prior to last season after former Blackhawks coach Nate Mrozinski did not have his contract renewed, was on former Michigan City coach John Boyd’s staff from 2012 until the start of last season.

“When Josh stepped down about a month ago, I just applied for it,” Eubank said with a laugh after Wednesday’s meeting with MSD of New Durham District administration, including Westville middle-high school principal Alissa Schnick and superintendent Dr. Sandra Wood.

“It was something that I wasn’t really thinking about it or looking at as an option, so it came together really quickly for me. It’s definitely been an interesting last couple of weeks.”

The former City assistant will wear both hats for the Blackhawks as coach and athletic director, which Eubank noted will come with its early challenges as many new occupations do, but the second-year coach has confidence in those around him to help him transition into another new role at Westville.

“One thing I figured out last year about Westville is that the people are more than willing to help out,” Eubank said. “They’re just very easy to work. Mrs. Schnick and Dr. Wood have both been great so far and have been very supportive. I got a feeling I’ll be leaning on Mrs. Schnick quite a bit as we get started here.”

Despite the potential difficulties that lie ahead as an athletic director at times, Eubank is more than excited to get started because he feels can increase his ability to help the next generation of student-athletes and their elders.

“The big thing for me is wanting to be at Westville,” Eubank said, crediting the community and fellow Porter County Conference schools and coaches for making the transition as smooth as possible.

“But the other part of it is that it makes total sense. I love coaching and I love coaches. I feel like there’s a lot I can bring to this position in terms of helping younger coaches improve and help them find their voice, and that’s something I enjoyed working here my first year was working with my coaches about my envision for the program and ways we can improve moving forward. Being an athletic director, it’s a similar thing on a much larger scale.”

Eubank said the thought of being an athletic director rose roughly 2-3 years ago, but he figured it was going to be be something to pursue at the conclusion of his coaching days.

It makes sense for a guy who said that once dressed as hall of fame basketball coach Phil Jackson for “Dress As Your Idol Day” in elementary school, but with people to turn to like former Westville A.D. and current boys soccer coach Brian Ton for advice, Eubank has solidified Westville as his home and looks forward to the future with the Blackhawks as coach and athletic director.

“(Brian’s) still in the building ... we’re actually meeting (today), and he’s a guy that really knows what I’ll be going through and having to deal with,” Eubank said. “He’s another person I’ll be leaning on for assistance and guidance with this whole thing.”

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