Nearing the end of the first half of La Porte girls soccer's match with Michigan City Tuesday night, a hard-fought, even-keel game allowed an opportunity for the Slicers.

They took advantage of it, putting one in the back of the net that ended up being the decisive goal in La Porte's 1-0 victory.

Michigan City head coach Mike Ramsey and his girls were disappointed with the outcome, but he was proud of the way they competed all night, showing an immense amount of improvement from last year's matchup with the Slicers.

"I was really proud of how they kept their heads up and how hard they worked all game," Ramsey said. "The level of passing and qulaity soccer was really good, and it shows me they've really been improving over the year. They made me real happy. Obviously, I'm not happy to lose, but the score against (La Porte) was 5-0 last year and this is huge improvement. It's a game we definitely could've won."

Improvement is the name of the game for Ramsey's squad this year that includes three junior captains and a good amount of underclassmen contributing big minutes. He said they need to create more opportunities, and when they do, convert at a higher rate. That comes with plenty of practice with one another, something the Wolves have no shortage of.

"The bulk of the team is juniors," Ramsey said. "So we'll pretty much have whole crew back next year. We even have a couple starting sophmores and freshmen, and three of our four captains are juniors. This is my third year coaching (at Michigan City) and this junior crew came in with me when they were freshmen. I think we're realy building up to a big year next year."

The Wolves look to redeem themselves in an intra-city matchup with Marquette today.

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