Note: The News Dispatch and Herald Argus sports staff is asking coaches, athletes and anyone else in athletics who is impacted by the corona virus restrictions. You can share first-person reactions with Jim Peters or Jack Parodi as direct messages on their Twitter accounts or reach out to us to for a phone interview.

In his first year as South Central baseball coach, Zach Coulter was as excited as anybody to get started. Now with the season in doubt, his sentiments turn toward his players, particularly the seniors.

“The worst is the unknown, not knowing if our season will be played at all,” he said. “Honestly, the last 24, 48 hours has been gut-wrenching. My concern is what to tell the players, especially my seniors. Some are still looking to potentially play college ball at some level and this will affect their future. It makes me extremely sad because we have all put in countless hours in the off-season to prepare for our season.”

As part of his plan to keep players engaged in baseball-related activities with drills and skills work, Coulter has assigned ‘movies of the week’ for them to watch at home.

“Areas such as the theme of the movie, their favorite scene, a quote that stands out, something they learned from movie and what we could implement in our program to benefit our team,” he said.

This week’s movie is ‘Moneyball,’ which features an unfortunate, ironic quote that stood out to Coulter, given the circumstances, in the scene when the scouts are talking to Billy Beane, trying to have him skip college and sign his pro contract they tell him, ‘We’re all told at some point in time we can no longer play the children’s game, we just don’t know when that’s going to be. Some of us are told at 18, some of us are told at 40...but we’re all told.’

“That quote couldn’t have opened my eyes more given the current situation in not only our local communities, but nation-wide,” Coulter said. “Right now, regardless of age or level of play, we’re all being told we can (at least for now) no longer play the children’s game. For some, they may have a second chance, but, for many, this may have been their last chance. And it’s all out of our control. I reminded them to have a positive attitude and outlook as we can only control certain things and can’t dwell on the uncontrollable.”

As the news continues to make that a challenge, Coulter, like many holds on to faith and hope.

“Now we hang in limbo for a month. I can only pray that things get straightened out in the interim,” he said. “Some things happen for a reason and we have to believe in that to get us through these days as we await our destiny.”


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