Goeringer leaves Westville

Josh Goeringer

As much time as Josh Goeringer spent at Westville High School, kids joked that he actually lived there.

"Sometimes it would have been easier to stay," Goeringer said of the late nights that came with being assistant principal, athletics director and girls basketball coach the last two years.

The multi-plate grind that came with the long hours and the 45-minute drive to and from Crown Point, coupled with a young family, prompted Goeringer to step down from his position this week.

"With a little one, it became a little overwhelming," he said. "They wanted me to be testing coordinator, too. It just became too much. Practice, games, tournaments, away games. Everything was way out. It was a hard decision, but at the end of the day, I had to do it. I had to do what's best for my family and I treat the team like a family, too. It just wasn't fair to (do it half way) at school and at home."

A Crown Point grad, Goeringer came to Westville as the assistant principal/athletics director his first year, then took on basketball in 2017.

"I didn't know what to think when I first got there, but I liked it all," he said. "My wife said I never complained. I enjoyed everything. The drive was my quiet time. (The team) was the hardest part. I loved to coach and I loved the girls. I was really close to my players. I cared for them and they cared for me. They get it."

Westville went 13-9 and 11-10 in Goeringer's two seasons after replacing Mark Parkman.

"We accomplished our goals for the most, except maybe for a sectional title," he said. I don't leave Westville in a bad situation. It's going to be a good senior class. I want them to win as many games as they can. I told them I expect it, even though I'm not going to be there."

Goeringer doesn't have his next step lined up, though he has been interviewing for jobs. He anticipates a future in administration and not coaching.

"The Westville administration was great about understanding," he said. "I actually thought coaching would be done when I came Westville. I got into administration and ending up doing both, it was blessing. For Westville to let me do it, it was awesome. A lot of coaches struggle with leaving sports, but I feel comfortable with my decision."

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