Support your healthcare workers

The COVID-19 Pandemic is the great test of our time. At Beacon Health System, we are staying up to date with every change and making sure we are prepared to protect our frontline healthcare heroes as they work to meet critical medical needs in our communities.

We are operating a 24/7 incident command structure, where key personnel continuously monitor patient status, ensure that our staff have proper equipment, and make certain we are prepared for more patients, who are certain to arrive. I cannot express the level of admiration I have for the team at Beacon. When the rest of the world has been told to stay home, our teams have chosen to show up every day to care for you and the people you love.

Make no mistake: While there is fear and uncertainty, there is also courage and resolve. Many individuals and businesses have stepped up, and we are so appreciative of their love and support. Join me in sending a powerful message to our health heroes that we are with them. Here’s what you can do:

  1. We will directly share your notes of encouragement, video clips or photos/drawings posted with #BeOnTheirTeam or emailed to
  2. Beacon’s Spiritual Care Team has asked – no matter your faith or tradition – please send prayers for protection and strength to our Beacon team.
  3. If you or your organization would like to support our caregivers in other ways, please email us at

Our mission is to deliver outstanding care, inspire health, and connect with heart. I believe the most difficult of times bring out the very best in everyone. Thank you for the opportunity to serve, and thank you for being there for theBeacon team.

Kreg Gruber, CEO

Beacon Health System


Democratic Caucus was mismanaged

The behavior of Carol McDaniel, chair of the La Porte County Democratic Party, and vice chair Sean Fitzpatrick at the March 14 caucus was unprofessional and out of bounds.

I am an elected precinct person. I received two notices about the caucus, which was publicly advertised. The second notice changed the location to the Police Department community room.

When signing in, my daughter was with me. Nothing was said to me about any new changes.

My sister was there, and she was accosted by Sean. He then had a police officer escort her out of the caucus. He said that she could not be there because of the coronavirus situation.

What occurred next stunned me! Carol put her hand on my daughter and leaned close to her face. She told her she had to go because they needed the seats. There were seats available.

She would not even give me a chance to talk to my daughter! She immediately had a police officer escort my daughter out of the room. The aggression displayed was obvious.

If I were president of the La Porte County Democratic Party, this is how I would have handled it.

First, I would have thoroughly vetted the location of the caucus. Second, I would have consulted Dr. Vidya Kora, a La Porte County Commissioner, about the coronavirus. His medical knowledge could have been utilized in the notification process regarding the caucus and the virus.

Thirdly, upon arrival, all individuals would have been notified immediately of any changes. Lastly, I would never have police kick young people out of a caucus. My daughter was there to learn.

The Michigan City Youth Commission was set up and the Michigan City Women’s Commission has been active in exposing young ladies to non-traditional fields of interests. Our party should be working with them.

Overall, Carol and Sean handled the Democratic Caucus process poorly. You do not sic police officers on law-abiding citizens and run potential new members away.

Agnes Meer,

Michigan City

Over-reacting to coronavirus

At the beginning of the AIDS and swine flu epidemics, nothing was closed down at all. All schools, churches and major business remained open. And restaurants and bars also remained open.

With this COVID-19 mystery virus, everyone is freaking out. Everyone is becoming paranoid. Store shelves are empty. Schools, churches and restaurants are all closed down. This is becoming a ghost town as a direct result of this epidemic.

This ban should be lifted and all schools, churches and businesses need to reopen. We need to get back to living our lives once and for all.

Mike Voisinet,

Michigan City

Economic stimulus must help all

Include the following in the COVID-19 economic stimulus bill:

• Expressly provide charitable nonprofits with $60 billion in emergency funding. The charitable sector needs an immediate infusion of cash and a mechanism must be constructed for a rapid infusion to those organizations serving immediate needs in communities facing lost and declining revenue.

• Create a robust universal charitable deduction and allow post-March 1, 2020, donations to be claimed on 2019 and future tax returns. Improve the proposed above-the-line charitable deduction by raising the cap and allowing taxpayers to immediately claim the deduction.

• Ensure all nonprofits qualify for small business loans and remove the Medicaid exclusion and 500-employee caps. Clarify that charitable nonprofits are able to participate in emergency Small Business Loan programs by using the tax-law definition of charitable organizations. Remove the cap on number of employees and language excluding nonprofits from Medicaid reimbursements.

• Increase funding for the Emergency Food and Shelter Program from the existing FY 2020 $125 million to $250 million to help people experiencing dire poverty obtain rental and utility assistance, and food aid.

• Temporarily increase the maximum SNAP benefit by 15% to respond to increased demand for food assistance.

• Increase funding to prevent further homelessness. Provide an additional $15 billion for McKinney-Vento Emergency Solutions Grants and $5 billion for short-term rental assistance.

Miki Strabley,

South Bend

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