Some bus stops seem unsafe

As I have traveled up and down Franklin Street, I have noticed several bus stops staggered on each side of the street. My concern is the safety of the users.

At many locations, it's not necessary to stop on Franklin. I have seen many residents standing two feet away from traffic going 40 mph in very inclement weather.

Let's look at the stop in front of Al's. There is no reason for a bus to stop on Franklin when a small shelter can be built in the Al's parking lot, which has easy access and regress. Same thing holds true further south in front of the dollar store. Very high volume of traffic at high speeds and I have seen people standing on the street with groceries inches away from traffic. That parking lot also allows easy access and regress. By the way, this stop has more than a dozen accidents just in the summer.

I have also noticed at the north McDonald's a shelter has been put up for the riders. I have also found out by some of the employees that the shelter was put up and paid for by Sam Lubeznik, because he has many employees that use public transportation. I have to say a big thank you to Sam for his concern of the safety of his employees. Hopefully those of you involved in the transit system will take Sam's lead and prevent a fatality. It is going to happen.

Jim Stemmler

La Porte


Protect the Dunes

The Indiana Dunes State Park is your land. You own the trees, the sand and the water lapping on the shore.

Now, some connected and wealthy business owners have come in to set up shop on your land that you own. Would you allow someone to erect a store in your front yard, pay you a few cents for the favor and then make money hand over fist? Of course not! So then why do you let them do it to your land at the lakefront?

Privatizing our resources and infrastructure is a dangerous precedent to set. Just because budgets are tight doesn’t mean it is time to sell out to the highest, or in this case the only, bidder. Haven’t the deals with the Indiana Toll Road and Chicago parking meters taught us anything? “Public-private partnership” is a euphemism for allowing businesses to make money off of our assets.

Tens of thousands of people have expressed their disapproval of the development of the pavilion, but still a few people in power — some state legislators — have put aside their job description to “represent” in order to seal the deal with an alcohol license. The local alcohol board said no, but nepotism’s tentacles stretched near and far, and so the state legislature voided the board's decision and the people's will. This undermines your democracy.

Will you stand by and let this happen? Or will you stand up and join in the fight? Visit and protect what is yours.

Heather Augustyn



Congrats to YMCA on one-year anniversary

I've enjoyed swimming at the La Porte County Family YMCA Elston Branch this past year and enjoyed watching the whole environment come to life. It's walls are newly painted with beautiful colors, floors shine from buffing and refinishing, basketball gym's walls and wood floors gleam and, my favorite, the swimming pool is a real treasure.

There are classes for all, including youngster swimming lessons, yoga, pilates, basketball leagues, water dance and the list goes on and on. This truly is a community asset. If you haven't stopped by to check it out,  you ought to — and soon.

Here's to another terrific year.

Eileen S. Heisler

Beverly Shores


Early detection is key

Concerning the experience of prostate cancer, I had it a few years ago. With early detection and six weeks of radiation treatment when I was 58 years old, I'm in remission. To men starting at age 50, especially African-Americans who have cancer in the family, have a test done by your urlogist.

Bennie Mack

Michigan City

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