Footlight Awards a success

The Footlight Players would like to thank everyone that helped make our 11th annual Footlight Awards Banquet a success.

Special thanks to the Moose Lodge of Michigan City and all their volunteers for the use of the hall and the delicious buffet dinner, Sherry Sweeney who acted as our emcee and her husband Ryan who supplied the dinner music and Alayna Lauritsen who was our Golden Girl. Thank you to the many local community businesses and individuals who donated items and gift certificates for our successful silent auction.

The evening was filled with happy surprises, well-deserved awards and a theater camaraderie that goes unequaled. Without the help and support of our community, our theater would not be able to exist. We are deeply grateful to our patrons and membership. If you are interested in becoming a patron or active member, please contact me at the theater, 219-874-4035 or online at

—Robert W. Komendera, president of Footlight Players Inc.,

Michigan City


Wayfinding sign additions

I would like to thank the Michigan City leadership, the Michigan City Redevelopment Commission, Global Engineering and all the dedicated people who helped bring the latest phase of wayfinding signs around the city to become reality. The new signage seems well planned and is already helping to circulate visitors who are now aware of the many great attractions within the entire city.

—Tim Anderson

Shady Creek Winery


Pierogi makers slinging 'dough' in the courts

This is a response to the Sunday, Aug. 6, article "Food fight erupts over Pa. 'Pierogi Festival' name." My husband and I are of Polish heritage.

We love our Polish food, Polish weddings, Polish jokes, polkas and, oh yes, Polish brandy (Jezynowka).

Two towns, Edwardsville, Pennsylvania, and Whiting, Indiana, are contemplating court proceedings because the town of Edwardsville is supposedly infringing on the Pierogi Festival trademark name. Granted, worldwide companies should have their trademark names protected. However, these two cities, 700 miles apart, should be proud of their festivals. The more advertising exposure, the better. It's only a name!

To the city of Whiting, your festival is held in a small city in Indiana, not suburban Chicago as the picture caption makes it sound. Instead of going to court to quibble over this food fight name, where only the lawyers will make all the dough, settle the issue over a shot of Jezynowka, tell a few Polish jokes, dance a few polkas, keep rolling out those pierogi and enjoy your festivals. If that doesn't work, I suggest Edwardsville put up their in "Polski."

—Antosia Yackus,

Michigan City

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