Will I-94 ever actually be done?

Well, here we are in year three and Interstate 94 is torn up again. You would think they would get it all done at one time. Why even call it an Interstate anymore? With the yearly construction and pot holes, you're lucky to do 50 mph. You go for five miles with one lane coned off and absolutely no work is being done in that area. I am beginning to think they just need a place to store all those cones. I drive this every day and it's ridiculous.

And what's up with the Interstate 94-Hwy. 421 interchange that was down all last year, only to be under construction yet again? Did someone forget to do something? Or is it just another waste of taxpayers money?

I see they mixed in new lights with the old ones at the interchange. I wasn't aware there was a lighting problem. At least get rid of all the old ones and make it uniform. This is a first impression of people coming to our city.

My point is, why not get these projects fully completed and get traffic back to normal and not drag them out for years? It can't be because the state doesn't have the money. Our elected officials are always patting themselves on the on the back as to what a fine job they are doing and how much money the state has.

Let's face it, by time they are done with I-94, it will be time to start over again.

John Swindell

Michigan City


Can't believe what I saw

I was horrified beyond belief at what I saw. Driving down 300 North, the family of geese that crossed there from field to field lay dead on the road — mom, dad and babies.

Were you driving too fast and couldn't stop in time? The speed limit on that stretch is 30 mph. Were you in a hurry and didn't have time to wait for them to cross so you paved a path right through them? Or, were you one of those truckers who decided stopping your rig would be too much trouble?

However this happened, what's done is done and just continues to prove to me this world has very little regard for life. When I returned a little while later to remove the bodies, they were gone. I just want to thank whoever took the geese off the road, saving me from a sad and sickening task.

Marie Chase

Michigan City


The U.S. needs to concentrate on domestic issues

In a recent address on foreign policy, Donald Trump advocated a reduced role for the U.S. in world affairs. Citing the ever-increasing national debt ($19 trillion and rising), the United States can no longer afford the role as "the world's policeman" and foreign nation builder. Although I don't necessarily agree with Trump's non-interventionist approach to world politics, he does made some valid points.

In particular, his views on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) make sense. Formed after World War II, the 28-member Western military alliance was originally designed to deal with the former Soviet Union. Since the Soviet Union was dissolved in 1991, the basic justification for NATO seems problematic. However, in my view, it's the financing of the alliance that raises the greatest concern. In 2014, the NATO alliance spent almost a trillion dollars on military expenditures — of which the U.S. paid $610 billion. European member nations — Germany, France and Spain — have not been paying their fair share. The U.S. should no longer subsidize its fellow NATO members.

In a similar vein, the U.S. should begin charging other nations for our defense protection. America can't continue to defend its rich friends — Japan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia — for free. Why should the Pentagon underwrite the military protection of countries which are more than capable of paying their own way?

Finally, in a new Pew Research Center poll, a majority of Americans (57 percent) say America should deal with its own problems rather than those of other countries.

John Kubik

Trail Creek

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