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Bring Greene back to MCAS Board

Three of the seven Michigan City Area Schools Board seats are up for election Nov. 8. All three incumbents are seeking re-election, but only one of the seats is contested, so the other two incumbents will win by default.

Perhaps there would've been more contests had not The News-Dispatch waited until the Thursday before the candidate filing deadline at noon Friday, the very next day, to print a story informing citizens what they needed to do in order to run for School Board (like collecting signatures of at least 10 registered voters on a candidate's petition).

(Editor's note: The N-D also ran a story in January detailing the process and deadlines for running for office, including School Board.)

At any rate, in the race where there is a contest, I'm supporting former board member Bill Greene.

Mr. Greene and I served together on the board for four years. During that time, though we often disagreed on a number of issues to come before the board, I will say I never knew Bill Greene to use his office to feather his own nest or those of his friends. In addition, he had, as I recall, a near-perfect attendance record for regular and special meetings, as well as executive sessions.

On Nov. 8, won't you join me in voting to bring Bill back to the Board?

Beryle Burgwald

Michigan City


Decker will work hard for LP County

I have known both Dave Decker and his opponent for more than 30 years. I was a member of the same Local Union as both of them, USW Local 12775, representing the workers at NIPSCO.

It is with great pride that I am endorsing Dave Decker for County Commissioner. In my opinion, he has stayed true to the vision we all learned as union members, which is service before self, the good of the majority comes before special interests and cooperation with others in order to benefit and improve life for the citizens of La Porte County.

I remember when Dave's opponent was in a position to make a difference and the bickering and conflict that was the standard operating procedure at the time.

I believe that we have a clear choice to keep in place folks who work hard every day to improve the lives of all the people of La Porte County. Therefore, I ask that you vote for Dave Decker.

Mike O'Brien

Plymouth, Indiana


Chubb will keep positive momentum going

Michigan City Area Schools is providing public school education in our city that is second to none. Our students are graduating at a rate of 89 percent, many with college credits earned through Advanced Placement classes. Elementary school students have the opportunity to attend Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathematics (STEM) and Art magnet schools, our teachers have a contract and are receiving the resources and support and this is all contributing to the rise of Michigan City.

Deborah Chubb has been serving on the MCAS Board for the past four years and has helped implement these programs through innovative ideas and support for our Superintendent, Dr. Barbara Eason-Watkins. This is not the time to change School Board members.

Deborah is doing a very commendable job serving our students and their families, our teachers and administrators, and strengthening our community, and we will be wise to keep her serving our city as a member of the Michigan City Area Schools Board of Directors. I will be voting for Deb and I hope you will be, too.

Sue Webster

Michigan City

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