Playing floor at MCHS was dirty

I was at Michigan City High School for the first home basketball game of the season last weekend and was appalled at how dirty the glass backboards and playing floor was.

I go to a lot of basketball games during the season and most of the schools do a great job keeping their backboards and playing floor clean. This certainly wasn't the case at Michigan City High School for its first home game.

The backboards and playing floor were filthy. I asked some people about it and was told that this is the norm. I was told that the playing floor was so filthy last season that a visiting team's head coach from South Bend actually took it upon himself to sweep the floor. What is the problem that the visiting team's head coach has to sweep the floor when playing at Michigan City?

I asked if the principal was at the game the other night for the first home game and I was told that the principal was not even at the game. Come on principal, come on school officials, show some pride and have the backboards and playing floor cleaned. A cleaning rag and a broom will do the trick.

Brian Vukadinovich

Wheatfield, Indiana

Editor's note: In response to this letter, Michigan City High School Athletic Director Craig Shaman offered the following:

Michigan City High School takes pride in our gymnasium, which is one of the largest in Indiana. The floor is swept regularly, including before every home game. The backboards are also cleaned regularly, and after reading this letter, we'll make sure that happens before every home game. We also do a "burnishing" process several times each year, which strips and cleans the top layer of the floor. This was done three weeks prior to the start of the basketball season, and will happen again before we host IHSAA tournament games. The entire floor will be refurbished in June 2017, which is important maintenance due to normal wear and tear. We appreciate the support of our athletes, parents, athletic boosters and fans. Go Wolves!


Volunteers needed to help children

Recently, an Indianapolis AP story stated that the number of child abuse and neglect cases in Indiana has doubled in 2015. It also stated that the number decreased in La Porte County. Because the La Porte County CASA Program is mandated under state law to represent each of these children, we have those statistics. Here is the real story – in 2014 there were 135 new cases and this number decreased to 127 in 2015 – not a huge decrease. As of Nov. 30, the number of new cases of abuse and neglect in La Porte County totals 201 — a significant increase that impacts service delivery for children and families.

The Court Appointed Special Advocate Program struggles to keep up with demand. The process of recruitment and training for volunteers requires six to eight weeks. The Department of Child Services continues to hire additional staff, but they require weeks of training. Services for families are also feeling the impact of these high numbers as they recruit additional staff and struggle with finding space and time for services. But most importantly, children are being abused and neglected, removed from their homes, many times forced to change schools, and will not be at home with their parents this holiday season.

The good news – we are a strong, caring community that pulls together to help each other. I want to thank the faith community for stepping up to help families in need, our volunteers for taking on that extra case and all of the supporters of Family Advocates who continue to support our mission.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a volunteer advocate, the Presbyterian Church at 121 W. 9th St., in La Porte, is hosting a Be One to Reach One event on Dec. 8 from 5:30-7 p.m. This is an opportunity to learn how you can make a difference in a child’s life. Contact Family Advocates at 219-324-3385 if you would like more information.

Karen Biernacki

CEO, Family Advocates


Bella Bistro was great

Hats off to Bella Bistro restaurant for making our family's Thanksgiving dinner special.

All food was prepared and served in a wonderful manner There were 18 in our family there and all were very happy Bella Bistro and wish them continued success.

Thank you to the entire crew.

The Orginski/Sprencel family

La Porte


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