Cunningham right choice for Recorder

Earl Cunningham is a man that I have had the honor of knowing for 32 years. Mr. Cunningham has been known as many things: father, husband, teacher, mentor, coach. I have seen him operate in all those capacities, but can speak confidently on a few of those traits.

First, as a coach to the hundreds of athletes that he has developed over the years. I was honored enough to play basketball for Michigan City Rogers, part of some of the best teams this area has ever produced. Not just because of the wealth of talent that we were provided, but because of coach and his amazing staff. For me personally, he took a 6'4" freshman, who had never played organized basketball, and helped develop me into a Division 1 talent, earning a full ride to Valparaiso University. Dozens of other athletes also were able to realize their dreams of college athletics because of Mr. Cunningham's dedication and commitment to getting the most out of their body's and minds.

As a mentor, Mr. Cunningham has challenged all of us to think "outside the box," question everything, but above all else, stay focused and committed and you can accomplish anything.

As a teacher, coach has impacted thousands of La Porte County youth. Always pushing, always expecting more, never allowing any of us to settle for mediocrity. Coach always pushed us, always challenged us. Once, I asked him "Why are you so hard on me? Don't you like me?" His response: "Flav, if I stop pushing you, that's when you know I have given up." As anyone who knows Earl Cunningham can attest, he never stops pushing and never will. Without a doubt, he can and will bring change, but more importantly, improvement to the Recorder's office.

Shannon Flavin

Michigan City


I support Mrozinski for County Council

The election season is upon us again and a host of candidates have stepped forward and signed their respective names on the dotted line. This, I can assure you, is not an easy decision to be made.

Unfortunately, some have decided to use the attack and “mud slinging” method in an attempt to attract your vote. I will not.

Instead, I will simply tell you that I intend to support and vote for Rich Mrozinski for La Porte County Commissioner. I have known Mr. Mrozinski for well over 20 years and have worked with him professionally in county government.

Rich, I believe, has always been a man for the people. His work on the La Porte County Council, specifically the Rolling Prairie sewer expansion, which has already saved businesses, is a prime example. His dedication to veteran’s affairs in our area and for the State of Indiana are unequalled.

I believe Rich Mrozinski is the right person for the job in this election.

Ken Layton

La Porte

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