Bear's journey cut tragically short

We have followed him, his trail, everywhere he went. Finding a way, the path he followed, his travels that made us wonder where he would go next, looking and surviving, wondering if he would ever find his way back home.

He was a legacy, a legend.

He met the challenges, stayed alive, made his life a hope, a trial of bravery and, in some ways, a sadness, a lost soul, hoping and praying he would stay strong, become the bear that was so lost but would be rescued and taken back to his territory, back to the life he loved and had somehow become a separate part of it and in his travels just couldn't find it again. I was so happy to learn that his search had ended. So happy that he would be taken back, released in his home ground again to live his life, a bear that had just lost his way and had become a story of perseverance and determination.

I guess that doesn't matter now. Thanks to whoever decided to put his life away, throw it away, stop it and never think twice about him. A bear. Just an animal — but, a brave animal. An animal that had a goal, a reason, a journey that would bring him back home. He never got there.

Marie Chase

Michigan City

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