Election 2016: 'It's all over but the shouting'

“It’s all over but the shouting,” is what my dad would say. At this point, just weeks from Election Day, it is very probable that the race for president will be a Hillary Clinton victory. She has maintained her composure in the long slog after the primary season and major party national conventions, while her opponent has run a wretched, haywire and reckless bash-fest that has caused enough voter-separation between him and Secretary Clinton to end the mystery as to the outcome

While, normally, a presidential election is a huge source of academic pleasure for a practically obsessed student of American political science, I am done with this one — pretty much. I will be up most of the night on Nov. 8 watching returns stream in and electoral votes jump to one box or the other. Only this time, according to recent trends and valid polling statistics, Secretary Clinton will have a substantial electoral vote majority before the sun rises on Wednesday, Nov. 9. It is a good outcome for the country as a Trump presidency would have created a tumultuous period for the American people, first, and for the rest of the world, eventually.

The uncertain part of this election outcome, though, is found in the last part of dad’s cliché that began this opinion, that is, “... but the shouting.” It is looking more and more likely that the Trump campaign and his small army of devoted followers might raise a ruckus after the bitter loss of the election. The “shouting” could transform immediately like a bad, bad case of sour grapes into the belligerent and impetuous behavior that Mr. Trump has deliberately dumped onto the democratic system of presidential election in 2016.

Dave Johnson

Michigan City


Former Sheriff endorses Decker

I have known Commissioner Dave Decker for many years, both socially and professionally. I have worked beside him during my years as La Porte County Sheriff and Dave served in the capacity of Commissioner. He has stayed the course, only wanting what is best for the citizens of La Porte County.

Whether it was taking on NIPSCO on behalf of ratepayers, helping save transportation and guardianship programs for our elderly and disabled or even blocking strip club operators from coming to our county, Dave Decker hasn't hesitated taking on the tough fights if it meant standing up for the residents of our county. He also works well with others in county government, which is more than I can say about his opponent, former Councilman Mrozinski, who was constantly feuding with others, including myself, when he was on the County Council.

Dave Decker is a true professional and has dedicated his time as county commissioner to relentlessly creating and improving jobs and the quality of life for all of us, not just a few. I can see how much progress we're making with the Commission, Council and Auditor now working cooperatively together and I credit Dave Decker and Dr. Kora with playing a big part in that. I can't imagine returning to the way things were with constant feuding and bickering the order of the day.

I am happy to endorse Dave Decker to be re-elected as La Porte County Commissioner so he can continue with the progress he has made in our county.

Mike Mollenhauer

La Porte


Cunningham right choice for Recorder

I will be voting for Earl Cunningham for Recorder of La Porte County. I am a 1980 graduate of Westville High School and lifelong resident of La Porte County. I have known Earl Cunningham for almost 40 years and I have always been impressed with his dedication to helping others.

In the 12 years that I was owner/operator of Friends Nightclub, I raised more than $10,000 for the Toys for Tots organization and you could always count on Earl to be there in support for the kids of our community. As a member of our county council, Earl was shown to be a fiscal conservative and worked very hard to protect the financial interests of the taxpayers of La Porte County and didn't hesitate and allow partisan politics to get in the way when it came to the tough decisions involving the taxpayers' money. First and foremost he always stood up for the taxpayers.

Earl has earned my vote and deserves to be elected to the Recorder's office, where he will do a great job on behalf of the people.

Doug Lower

La Porte


This batch of presidential candidates a sorry lot

For the most part in the past, those who were considered candidates for the Presidency of the United States were respected, admired, encouraged and trusted.

Now, that thought has been totally destroyed.

Those who are on the fence about who to vote for have simply fallen off the fence all together. It's a bad and sad situation to put American voters in.

I believe that, if Bernie Sanders had the same money and resources as Clinton or Trump, he would have been voted in as our next President. Now, in the background, Sanders has maintained his integrity and is still respected and trusted. This can not be said about Trump or Clinton.

I actually believe that, because of her unwarranted and extreme forgiveness, Hillary Clinton saved her husband from being impeached as President. When all of Bill Clinton's sexual escapades were made public, no doubt Hillary was humiliated and embarrassed, to say the least.

Other women in a similar situation would have kicked their husband out of the house, but how do you throw your husband out of the White House? Imagine a President, while in office, being sued for divorce.

Especially after Monica Lewinski, on bended knee, President Clinton begged forgiveness. Perhaps a pact was made and Bill Clinton pledged his support and devotion to Hillary, especially in her aspirations to become President.

Now, Bill Clinton is lurking on the sidelines, itching to get back in the White House. Perhaps this should be a warning to pretty young women in and about the White House.

Donald Trump and Bill Clinton have something in common: They both abuse and use women for their own deviate pleasure.

On a happier note, Go Cubs.

Nancy Innes

Michigan City

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