Thoughts on stuff around town

Just a few thoughts about some things I have noticed around our community.

It's no wonder we have so many accidents on Franklin Street between Hwy. 20 and Kieffer Road. The traffic lanes and turning lane markings are practically non-existent. How about putting some paint down?

Speaking of Franklin Street, let's talk about the speed limit. Years ago, the speed limit on Franklin Street from the railroad tracks used to be 35 mph out to Hwy. 20. And, that was before the widened road and the turning lanes. Now with these improved conditions it is 30 mph. The hard-working citizens of our community are being ticketed every day (I see it all the time). It's difficult to stay 30 mph on this stretch of road. I can see the 30 mph north of the tracks and north toward 11th Street as the road is not as wide.

Same applies to Franklin Street south of Hwy. 20 to the city limits where it used to be 45 mph and now is 35 mph.

Look around as you drive around town. Lots of spring cleaning debris in front of homes. How about starting compost pick-ups a couple weeks earlier?

And, finally, the Park Department and/or Port Authority must like using jack hammers and sledge hammers to make more holes in the Washington Park parking lot. For the past few years, there has been a tent put up for Michigan City fishing tournaments. On Thursday, April 21, I witnessed a tent company doing this in a slightly different area. Boat show tents are alwasy in the same spots. Why not fishing tournament tents? Seems like a waste of money and more holes in the lot than need to be.

Bruce Neulieb

Michigan City

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