Administration can't be trusted to vet refugees

Nancy Philippi has submitted a letter extolling all the vetting safeguards that the Obama Administration has put in place to guard against the possibility of an ISIS terrorist slipping in to do us harm. I beg to differ.

First, Ms. Philippi points to the vetting done by some United Nations Agency. Really, Ms. Philippi? Isn’t this the same group which regularly sponsors countries like Iran and North Korea to be members of its Human Rights panel, or which sends “peacekeepers” to underdeveloped countries where they indulge in child abuse. And we should trust their judgement to screen terrorists?

Second, all the programs and tests Ms. Philippi lists which she contends will screen out the terrorists, all have one critical thing in common. They are all administered by the Obama Administration. Whether you are Republican or Democrat, do you really trust this administration to run anything this important correctly? Some illustrations are in order. Have you been to the airport lately and watched the TSA? Have you noticed that Obamacare does not and has never run right? Have you seen the pay for play allegations against the former Secretary of State? And we should trust the same federal employees responsible for the VA mess with our lives? I don’t think so. Moreover, none of the programs will work right if there is no data with which to compare it, a fatal defect even according to the administration's own FBI chief.

No one has even explained yet why these people have to come here at all. According to experts who have investigated, Syrians would prefer to stay in Syria. Why can’t we make it safer for them to do so?

So, no matter how many programs, no matter how many well-intentioned but naive letters, no matter how many vote-grubbing counsel resolutions there are, this refugee program is not safe, and Barack Obama cannot be trusted to make it so.

Frank J. Parkerson

Long Beach 


My foot feels a lot better

I'm writing about a special doctor and man, Dr. Christopher Grandfield (podiatrist). He is the best at what he does and is very caring about his patients. He did two surgeries and my foot is a whole lot better. Just glad to call him my doctor and friend.

Tim Harvey

Michigan City

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