Traffic control was excellent over holiday

The Michigan City police were excellent in their control of the motor traffic following the fireworks display on July 4.

We have been to many such events, at Washington Park and in other communities, when exiting an event ruined what were otherwise enjoyable experiences. Tuesday night, traffic on all the exit routes moved smoothly.

The fireworks displays, by the way, was terrific. Absent the usual frustrations, we made it smoothly to and down Michigan Boulevard under the guidance of the police, making it home very quickly. We appreciate the planning, efficiency and professionalism of all the officers and aids involved.

Earl And Lonna Temkin

Michigan City


Medicaid program necessary

Put them on an ice flow and set them out to sea?

I am referring to the elderly who are living in nursing homes in this country. My mom ended up in a nursing home, which Medicaid paid for after liquidating everything my folks ever worked for. My folks worked hard all their lives and certainly were not extravagant. Cuts to Medicaid hurt the most vulnerable people in our society.

Have you been to a nursing home lately? To have worked all your life and end up in a nursing home is not what should be thought of as a privilege — it is a necessity! No one wants to end up living their last years in a nursing home. Very many disabled folks live in nursing homes as well. We all hope we won’t need to be on this program.

Thank goodness the Medicaid program exists or we might have to put the elderly on an ice flow and shove them out to sea.

Perhaps Republicans in the senate would find this preferable to providing healthcare for the most vulnerable among us.

Sue O’Leary

La Porte

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