Support for Espar as prosecuting attorney

Simply stated, I am here to support John Espar as our prosecuting attorney because I believe in him.

• I believe he cares more about victims than the title he holds.

• I believe his unrelenting drive for justice is fueled by those who believe they will never be heard.

• I believe his passion lies deep within his soul and is poured out daily.

I have the humbling and at times very difficult job of helping individuals process their pain after being victimized. Too many times I have heard them say that this is the first time they are speaking of an unconscionable act. Fear is the driving force of their silence, often for years. They begin to believe the narrative in their head that questions their trauma. I didn’t resist. I did resist. I felt threatened and was scared so I acquiesced. Is this in my head? Was I truly violated? I could have stopped this somehow. I should have stopped this somehow. The doubt grows as the questions continue and the narrative construes.

Over the course of my 15+ years as a psychologist, I have seen, in very different ways, how a skewed sense of self is developed and drives the thinking process of both the victim and the offender. I believe by educating our children early and often and protecting them from early sexual exposure, we can change their narratives.

For those who have remained silent out of fear, humiliation or judgment, I believe you have a true warrior fighting for you. His name is John Espar.

— Dr. Sharon Sacks,

Michigan City


Espar a fierce prosecutor and businessman

As a lifelong resident of Michigan City, a business owner for nearly half my life, and the daughter of the same, I can spot a great business person a mile away. Running a business has to work for all facets, not just the owner. It’s a passion that I doubt you are born with, you either have it or you don’t.

John Espar, our current La Porte County Prosecuting Attorney, has that business sense. He has been in office for only three and a half years and he has not only increased jury trials by 96 percent and decreased pleas bargains, dismissals and deferrals during this time, but he is also running his office like a business.

He increased his staff of 10 part-time deputy attorneys and four full-time deputy attorneys to a total of 14 full-time deputy attorneys without asking the public for another dime.

He brought to La Porte County some of the greatest programs it has ever possessed including: its own division of the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, the Sexual Assault Response Team and the Special Victims Unit. He is currently working on the Violent Crimes Against Women Initiative.

As the elected prosecuting attorney, you can’t just work the jury trials. All prosecuting attorneys would love to do just that. But you must also run a business in order to move the community forward.

John Espar is one of the most upstanding people I have ever known in my life. He has the business sense to balance his talents as a fierce trial attorney, creator of programs, manager of staff and a balanced budget, all of which are necessary to run the ever important Office of the Prosecuting Attorney for La Porte County.

— Diane (Gring) Sperling,

Michigan City

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