Getting thirsty at the golf course

What's up with the Michigan City Park Department and/or the Michigan City Municipal Golf Course? Here we are, darn near the end of July. They used to put out water coolers by the green on No. 4 and the tee box on No. 12. Not this year.

Yes, there is water available for purchase in the clubhouse, bu as warm as it has been on several days, by the third hole your bottled water is either gone or warm. You would think that if there is no water available on the course, there would be a beverage cart making rounds and selling it. Not once this year has this happened that I know of.

There are several leagues that take place during the week. Several senior citizens take part in these leagues. Hydration is very important. Almost every course around here that I have played has a beverage cart.

Also, wouldn't it be failry easy to install a water fountain under the shelter near the tee on No. 6? Bathrooms are there, water is there. Just tap into the supply and install a fountain. Just saying.

Bruce Neulieb

Michigan City

Editor's note: Jeremy Kienitz, Superintendent of the Michigan City Parks Department, had the following response with regard to the lack of water on the course.

Currently, we do not have water out on the course for golfers to drink as they play their round. However, we do have water that can be purchased from our concession stand. I would like to take a moment to respond to Mr. Neulieb and others who have shown concern for this and explain the reasoning behind it.

The main reason for not having water available on the course is that it poses a potential public health risk. In other communities, there have been instances when mosquito larva have entered into the coolers and then ingested by those drinking the water. This has made those individuals very sick in the process. There are liners made to fit inside coolers that prevent this from happening, however, they are expensive and come with additional maintenance. 

The Michigan City Golf Course has had to cut staff over the years, which has limited our ability to employ the extra laborers needed to take on those additional maintenance responsibilities. Other area golf courses that still have water on their course staff a minimum of three employees whenever the course is open, in large part to address those water issues as well as other maintenance concerns. Our budget does not allow such from an operational standpoint.

Although I can appreciate the thoughts, concerns and opinions that Mr. Neulieb presents, it is not feasible for the Michigan City Golf Course to implement. We do offer a concession stand stocked with cold refreshments for all that visit our course. We take great pride in our Michigan City Municipal Golf Course and the product we present to each and every golfer that comes through our doors.

Jeremy Kienitz

Superintendent, Michigan City Parks & Recreation


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