Commencement behavior was deplorable

Am I the only one disappointed in the behavior of some families and some graduates at commencements?

I recently attended a university commencement for my grandson and was brought to tears by the happiness I felt, not only for my grandson, but for all the graduates. The music, the robes, the flowers and the smiles on faces were magnificent. As the class of 2016 was introduced as a whole, there was rousing applause and cheering, as their should be.

Soon, everything changed. As presentations began, there was loud cheering, whistling and yelling for some graduates, drowning out the names of others being recognized. One of the speakers asked for holding cheering and applause for the end of the presentations, but to no avail. The presentation line was held up several times by some graduates taking selfies while receiving their diploma. They were told beforehand not to do that. What if every graduate did the same? Then, there were the circus-like antics some seemed they were entitled to.

Yes, they all worked hard for their diplomas and I think they all deserve to be cheered and celebrated; but there is another time and another place for that.

We had six children with us (ages 4 to 11) and we told them to not disturb others. I must say their behavior was above and beyond many adults around them. What must these children have thought? One of our family members suffers from PTSD and the yelling and horn-blowing forced him to leave.

Some will look upon me as an old grouch. That's OK, but everyone has a right to an opinion and mine is that everyone should have a right to enjoy a lovely, once-in-a-lifetime event without it being made into a cheering contest.

Is this our future?

Carol Hanft

Springfield Township


Street Department was terrific during project

Over the years we've read lots of negative items about Michigan City and, like all else, life isn't all bad all the time. Of late, the Michigan City Street Department performed at a very high level in handling what could have been a risky project. Storms leave trees whereby time can manifest dangerous situations.

Safety to the public is priority No. 1 and, in this case, was handled in the most professional manner. This master payloader operator and crew allowed the city to look its best. We often forget that good jobs are the result of employees that care and deliver their best efforts.

We all want our community to look its best and, thanks to this city crew, Northbrook Drive and Lindenwood now is once again safe and radiates a community that cares. MC has been blessed with some fine employees. Please appreciate them, because I certainly do.

Harold J. Wolf

Michigan City

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