Thank you, MC Common Council

On Tuesday, you took the opportunity to approve a resolution that will propel Michigan City forward like no other. The chance to add a second track to the South Shore is an absolute game-changer for the entire region, but particularly for Michigan City.

To live in a vibrant community and be just over an hour away from Chicago, for either work or play, is very attractive to people in the highly-taxed city and suburbs of Chicago. I have lived in suburban Chicago in two communities that understood the importance and desirability of a commuter rail. The prices of homes near the Metra lines demonstrate the huge value placed on commuter rail access. I now live here full-time and I own a small business. We have a city with so many assets and this project will multiply the attractiveness and bring in new residents, jobs, area income and a new tax base.

Thank you to Congressman Pete Visclosky and State Senators Jim Arnold and Karen Tallian for your support on this issue. I commend NICTD’s general manager, Michael Noland, for his preparation, patience and vision on this project. Passing the resolution for the operating agreement with NICTD is just the first step in a complex project; it will have a huge positive impact on Michigan City, La Porte County and the Northwest Indiana region.

Dalia Zygas

Michigan City


Animals deserve their space, too

The commentary by Annou Heric entitled ,"Who are we to say we have a right to hunt," is 100 percent correct. We all need to understand that animals on this Earth have just as much right as we humans do to live and enjoy life in realitve peace and safety.

Life is fragile and unpredictable for all of us. We have sacrificed hundreds of thousands of animals for necessary medical research studies. Lets not kill hundreds of thousands more for the sheer sport of hunting. Animals deserve some livable space on this Earth as much as we do.

Rade Pejic M.D.

Michigan City


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