Do something about U.S. 20 & County Line Road

I just couldn't let this issue go another minute. The intersection at County Line Road and U.S. 20 is a terrible hazard! Accidents happen there on a weekly, sometimes daily schedule. I know that six individuals have died as a result of accidents at this crossing.

We are just around the corner from Pine Elementary School started, and as a concerned parent I'm worried about the school buses who drive twice a day through this intersection. Please, if you can effect change, look closely at this dangerous situation and do something before our precious children are involved in a horrible accident! Please put an overhead flashing light and lower the speed limit to 45 mph on U.S. 20 and County Line ROad. Choose to save lives. You have the authority to prevent disaster. Please, let's do this now!

Cathy Yanke

The Pines


Thanks to many, rally was a success

The Citywide Back-to-School Rally Committee would like to thank the hundreds of volunteers, businesses and organizations that helped make this year’s event a resounding success! More than 2,000 children and adults in our community attended the Citywide Rally on Aug. 10, which featured a wide variety of activities, exhibits and a backpack giveaway that provided school supplies to Michigan City students in need. In addition, more than 50 free lead screening tests were performed by HealthLinc.

Special thanks to this year’s Diamond sponsors, including American Licorice, Comcast, Dan Granquist, HealthLinc, Kabelin Rental, MDWise, Meijer, and the Michigan City Commission on the Social Status of African-American Males.

Additional donors and in-kind sponsors included Al’s Supermarket, Alpha Baking Company, Anthem, the city of Michigan City, City Pure Ice, Domino’s Pizza, Dunes Optical, First Trust Credit Union, Franciscan Mission Committee, Gordon Food Service, Horizon Bank, Indiana Toll Road, McDonald’s, Michigan City Police, Michigan City Fire, the News Dispatch, WEFM, WIMS, Walgreens and Sodexo.

Many individuals and businesses in the community aided in the collection of school supplies distributed at the event. Collection locations included Al’s Karwick, Captain Ed’s, City Hall, First Trust Credit Union, First United Methodist, Jazzercise, Life Care Center, Member’s Advantage Credit Union, Michigan City Area Schools, St. John’s United Church, Weil-McLain, and Walmart.

Volunteers who went the extra mile to assist with event setup and logistics include the Michigan City High School JROTC, PNW College Bound students, and the Michigan City Area Schools Food Service staff.

On behalf of the 2017 Rally Committee – which included representatives from American Licorice, Anthem, HealthLinc, Indiana Black Expo, La Porte County NAACP, La Porte County YMCA, MDWise, Michigan City Area Schools, Purdue University Northwest, and Sodexo – we extend heartfelt appreciation.

Thanks to the efforts of many, our students came back to school this fall well-prepared and ready to learn!

Patricia Harris, Chair

2017 Citywide Back to School Rally Committee


Is California ready to secede from the U.S.?

The United States is a divided country. An ever-widening fissure has developed in the nation along political, economic and social lines. No area is more illustrative of these trends than the state of California. The situation has become so acute in La La Land that the Golden State is threatening to secede from the Union. At first blush, many will dismiss the ideas as preposterous and far-fetched. But, not so fast: Before you rush to judgment, you need to consider the following.

The demographics of California are rapidly changing. One out of every four current residents was not born in the U.S., one-third of Californians are on some form of government welfare and there has been a massive exodus in the last few years of middle class people fleeing the state for the surrounding environs (i.e. Idaho, Montana, etc.).

In addition, California is beset with a whole host of problems: prison overcrowding, an inferior educational system, a highway network stuck in a constant state of gridlock, a water shortage crisis, an ever-rising wave of homelessness and a looming financial debacle (over $1 trillion in debt and unfunded government promises).

That combination of demographic change, coupled with the state's numerous problems, provides a perfect storm environment for the Calexit movement. To be sure — even given that backdrop — the chances of the secessionist movement succeeding is a longshot. However, just to play it safe — before you head out west where you belong, where the days are short and the nights are long — make sure when crossing the border, your passport is in order.

John Kubik

Trail Creek

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