Basic respect is lacking

I wanted to share with you some disturbing observations I have made this summer, regarding young people — and adults, too — in our neighborhood.

I am an older person and grew up in a much different world from what I am seeing now. What disturbs me — and should others — is the lack of respect for property; from people's homes, gardens, cars, bicycles, etc., to public property, mainly schools in this letter.

I grew up in a time when it never occurred to me as a young person to disrespect people's property. It was expected and upheld by your family and society. There was respect for adults. Just about everyone in a neighborhood watched what was going on. They weren't totally involved in their own affairs but would look out their windows and see what the world was doing. If something didn't look "right", they would take an interest.

For example, when I see something unsafe — where young people could get hurt, or I almost hit one — I call the police (God love them). When I see children running around that are too young to be by themselves, even if with an older brother who isn't doing a very good job, I will ask the child where their mother is or call the police.

I have seen several incidents of this this summer for the first time. When I see a child destroying school property, where my husband and grown children went to school, I first yell at that child and ask them what are they doing, or might pay a visit to their guardian/parent if I can figure out where they live or call the police.

If I see a young person getting bullied or surrounded by a large group of unfriendly young people, I call the police. My point is that I open my eyes, ears, courage, open my mouth and do something. Don't you think that is part of what is wrong with our country today? Too many people look the other way or don't get involved. What kind of message does that give this young generation about the adults? That we don't care. That we are too involved in our own, selfish, secure, little worlds. That we are cowards.

What happens if a society doesn't reinforce rules for the betterment of everyone? Even the wolves have strict rules they live by for the pack to survive.

Annou Heric

Michigan City

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