Islamic Center condemns Orlando shooting

The Community of The Islamic Center of Michigan City strongly condemns the brutal and inhuman incident that occurred in Orlando, Florida, leaving innocent people injured and families grieving for the loss of their loved ones. We send our deepest condolences to all of the families and victims affected by this tragedy.

Being followers of Islam, we do not accept any justification of shooting and killing innocent people. As the Quran states: " ... Whoever takes even one life, it will be as though they have killed all of humanity; and whoever saved one life, it will be as though they have saved all of humanity."

Boko Haram (Nigeria), ISIS (through out the world), Taliban (through out the world), and Jahngvi Militia (Pakistan) and all other terrorist organizations do not have any relation to true Islam. All they do is serve the interest of the international political powers through out the world, because these terrorists groups are not only killing in America, but they are also killing innocent civilians regardless of race, religion, or age in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Nigeria, etc.

We ask Allah to give peace to the families affected by this incident and to heal all those that are injured.


Syed Shah

Religious Leader of Islamic Center of Michigan City

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