Stein and Johnson should have been in debates

After watching Jill Stein and Gary Johnson (of the Green and Libertarian parties, respectively) on CNN, it is such a shame that they will not be in the debates.

For 30 separate minutes each, they answered questions much as Clinton and Trump did, only with no attacks — just smart answers to the real problems of the U.S.

If the four had been on the same stage, the debate would have been more civil and the voters would have a much better feel for the problems and some possible solutions. A real shame and loss for the nation.

Jill would have cleaned Hillary's clock and, in a nice way. A real political drama. The poll numbers would have taken a big jump. The third parties would maybe get on a debate and maybe get federal money for campaigns.

A sorry loss for us all.

George Dobie

New Buffalo, Michigan



Thanks to anonymous angel

I would like to take a moment to thank an anonymous angel for setting up an endowment fund in an effort to ensure accessibility to Notre Dame Catholic School. Generations to come will benefit from this amazing act of kindness. 

"The Notre Dame Catholic School Education Fund was started by anonymous donors to support students of modest means to attend and benefit from a high quality, Catholic education at Notre Dame Catholic School in Michigan City, Indiana. Such support would include tuition, supplies and other items deemed necessary."

Additionally, I would like to thank the Unity Foundation of La Porte County for their efforts as a medium to such funds for many institutions and causes. Please take a moment to visit the endowment site at

Dr. Donovan Garletts

Principal — Notre Dame Catholic School

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