Try to perform a random good deed today

It seems that the random acts of cruel human violence are coming at an increased and more frequent pace. The world news is more violent than movies, videos and television. Any cause and effect? That certainly is another discussion.

In any event, what can the average semi-non-violent citizen do to stem this seeming tide of nonstop violence? Moaning, groaning and wringing of hands is not stemming the tide. What I am currently doing really is — and I say this because everyone can actually do the following — random acts of "sort of good deeds." Share some of your good nature. Examples: gladden the heart of a child, talk to an old person or pick up a piece of trash from the street. These are actions that we all can control, repeat as often as we care to, and which cost nothing or very little. I say that a critical mass of many small kind actions may and will counter balance some of the brutish events of late and recent history. At least if you are doing something good and nice for someone, you are setting an example.

The other day, as I was waiting in line for breakfast at McDonald’s, the guy next to me was paying with a gift card. The card was short by $1.61. There was an awkward pause as the guy tried to back off on his order and the McDonald’s employee was at a loss. I just gave the clerk two dollars and said, "Give me the change," which she did. The guy said thanks and showed me his empty wallet.

The kids behind us were impressed, I think. The point is that we all have opportunities every day to go one step further and make a bit of a difference. Give that screaming kid a shiny new dime. Of course with the parents permission. I have found that this shuts the kid up for a moment that gives the care taker a minute to recover. Some times, the kid will look at guy with a white beard and scream louder.

Wayne Gretzky (great Canadian hockey player) once said, “You miss 100 percent of the shots that you do not take.” Take a shot or two today. 

George Dobie

New Buffalo, Michigan


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