Deuitch a good man always looking to serve

Jeff Deuitch is a good man who is always looking to serve.

I have had the pleasure of working with him on numerous programs and projects he created during his role as Human Rights Director and my role as director of a non-profit. Deuitch supplied new ideas and ways to help people gain employment. He implemented tutoring sessions, job etiquette workshops, pulled together agencies, and coordinated unprecedented life-enhancing opportunities for residents. I sent him countless people who needed support navigating “the system” because he had the insight and ability to guide people to success.

One of the things I respect most about Jeff Deuitch is he has never been big into handouts, not because he is cold-hearted, but because he sees people outside their current circumstances. He believes in maintaining dignity, building up people and allowing chances. He understands people make choices that are not the best, but Deuitch lives a life that shows he is aware that sometimes needs occasionally cannot get met.

Jeff Deuitch is systematic and fair. I am confident he will supply chances for help — turning consumers into contributors through his goals for the office. He understands the psychology and economy of need; he has attended workshops and meetings so that he might serve our township better. He is an innovator, collaborator and is wise with budgets.

Though I personally like many of the other candidates for Michigan Township Trustee, Jeff has proven himself repeatedly as one who seeks to help. He puts his money, time and effort where his mouth is, and I know he will serve Michigan Township via the Trustee role.

— Kristen Patterson,

Michigan City 

Endorsing John Lake for prosecutor

Although John Lake was a La Porte County Deputy Prosecutor for 23 years, I didn’t have the pleasure of getting to know him until approximately May of 2005 when I became a La Porte County Deputy Prosecutor, a position in which I served the citizens of La Porte County until February of 2017.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to witness John Lake’s integrity, leadership and trial ability. John Lake was tirelessly devoted to serving the citizens of La Porte County as a deputy prosecuting attorney, personally trying an extraordinary number of criminal trials, in every court of La Porte County, putting in as many hours as necessary to make sure the job was done right, and always staying focused on justice, regardless of what it required of him. I also had the opportunity to witness firsthand his leadership ability as there were a number of times over the years that I sought his guidance with miscellaneous cases and issues, and each time John Lake was readily available to assist and helped lead the matter to resolution.With out a doubt, John Lake will continue in his constant search for justice for all La Porte County citizens using his proven leadership skills and unwavering integrity when he is elected La Porte County Prosecutor on May 8.

– Bethany J. Beckman,

Michigan City


Spouse says Deuitch is right man for job

I would like to share why my husband, Jeff Deuitch, is the right person for the position of Michigan Township Trustee. He has shown his sacrifice and commitment not only to this country, but also to our community through time, talent and treasure. He is a loving husband, father, brother, son and friend.

My husband has shown me time and time again his willingness to give and serve others. For the last four years he has been providing meals to the Salvation Army for the men’s overnight shelter. He then joined the Board of the Boys and Girls Club as they began their transition to the new location. This took dedicated board members and fundraising. Jeff brought back the golf outing where he donated and cooked all of the meat for the event. We also held a fundraiser at our home. Once he sets his mind to it, he’s all in.

Jeff is also a mentor and treasurer for the Veteran’s Treatment Court in La Porte County. As a veteran with over 22 years of service, he understands the challenges and difficulties veterans face upon return to civilian life. Jeff has also worked or partnered with the Stepping Stones Women’s Shelter, the La Porte County United Way, Work One, the Indiana Plan and many more. Jeff is a man who believes all people should have a fair chance for jobs, housing, healthcare and education. 

He is most passionate about finding livable wage jobs for families to increase their quality of life, but he also understands the challenges families face. As Michigan Township Trustee, I am certain he will do his best to put more money in the hands of residents and provide resources to help combat systemic and situational poverty.

— Angie Nelson Deuitch,

Michigan City

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