Who are we to say we have a right to hunt?

Responding to Mike McKee's article, "Vote yes for fishing, hunting rights".

"Hunting and fishing shall be a preferred means of managing and controlling wildlife." Really? Who lobbied for this? I will definitely vote NO on this, very wrong, misguided bill. Where do you get this belief that it is our right to hunt innocent animals?

This reminds me of the tragic incident not long ago where the DNR killed that black bear that had come to Indiana from Michigan for the first time since the 18th century. Couldn't they have captured this bear and put it in a bear sanctuary! They do exist, you know.

This might have been in the past, but have we not grown and become more enlightened since then? There is, once again, two sides: one for the environment and all its occupants living in harmony, and the other: misguided, egotistical, "blind" people. This mentality has put more species on the road to extinction. Mankind is the most destructive animal. Look at the state of our world: very scary and tragic.

Two wonderful organizations, among many others, have tried to show us a better way. Where animals, domestic and wildlife are treated as if they have a place on this earth and contribute to the welfare of Mother Earth. There is a delicate balance on this earth, where all animals have their place. When one species becomes out of balance, it affects the others eventually, which then affects mankind. We are just beginning to understand this.

No, Mr. McKee, you live in the dark ages.

Annou Heric

Michigan City


Bad math at City Hall

Watching the political machine of Punch 10 in Michigan City is a spectacle to watch. I think they get it from our neighbors just over the lake in Chicago.)

Watching the political puppets try and line their pockets with taxpayers' money is just shameful. There was a time when a person believed it was an honor to serve the people, today it’s about the money. When you're all done playing the shell games with your papers and pencils, remember it’s your bad math that will have put this city in financial distress.

Tou can’t just reprint a $5 million dollar shortage and in the same quarter or two, give a raise to the mayor. Just not too smart on anyone’s math.

There are millions of dollars being wasted and, of course, let’s not forget the constant stroking of egos to get a raise, by one way or another.

Next time you see the mayor driving about in that $45K SUV he drives, ask him why the sanitation department trims flowers in Elston Grove. I can assure you the greed that Punch 10 has evolved into will be the demise of this still-shrinking city.

So, maybe ask our new bean counter, ex- councilman Rich Murphy, how did $5 million reappear to give raises?

Finally I don’t think my 50 percent sewer rate hike last year was to give a raise. Keep punching 10 — the ticket to keep you poor and believing they're helping you.

Bad math is bad math – and it’s just awful math in City Hall. This city is broke people – pay attention, because the money is going to run out.

Roger Willoughby

Michigan City

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