Corley endorses Chubb for MCAS board

I have had the pleasure of serving with Deb Chubb on the Michigan City Area Schools Board of Trustees for the past four years. I have come to learn that she is a passionate and dedicated leader that possesses a love for the well being of all children.

I respect the decisions she has made as a school board member and appreciate her willingness to serve the community to make sure our children have the best learning environment. My goal is to make sure that all parties (school board, MCAS administration, teachers and support staff) involved with the education process of our children work together to make that process smooth; and Deb Chubb has that same goal.

I support and trust Deb Chubb as a member of the Michigan City Area Schools Board of Trustees. Vote Chubb for School Board!

Marty M. Corley

Michigan City


Chubb should continue on MCAS board

Deb Chubb has worked tirelessly for the children and families of Michigan City. For the last 20 years, I have known Deb through her great work with Imagination Station Preschool, The Child Care Consortium, The Michigan City Head Start Program, Save the Dunes, The League of Women Voters and her terms on the Michigan City School Board.

She has never been afraid to ask tough questions and to push for getting positive change to improve the schools and lives of Michigan City residents.

Her passion for helping families and children in Michigan City is evidenced by her years of service to the community.

I support, endorse and am voting for Deb Chubb.

Geof Benson

Beverly Shore


Biernacki endorsed by AFSCME

The American Federal of State, County, and Municipal Employees or AFSCME Local 962 is strongly supportive of Karen Biernacki in the race for State Representative, representing Starke and La Porte Counties.

Karen Biernacki is a forceful voice for regular working people and has the strength of convictions to be able to help us in the legislature passing measures that are important.

Our state AFL-CIO felt that it was important that we send a signal that there is a clear contrast in this race between Karen and her opponent, Jim Pressel.

We need qualified, articulate legislators who will be able to take to the podium and make a case to their colleagues on issues like equal pay for equal work or supporting collective bargaining rights.  For too long, there have been some in the legislature on the far right waging war on working families and we need champions in the legislature like Karen Biernacki.

We endorse her candidacy and urge all those who understand that working families need a real voice to cast a vote for her.

Ron Richmond

Political Director, AFSCME Council 962


Mayor Meer endorses Decker, Kora

It’s been my observation that relations between Michigan City and the county have never been this close and I have to attribute much of that improved relationship to County Commissioners Dave Decker and Dr. Vidya Kora.

Whether it was collaborating together on the much-needed Triangle Bus Project with PNC or working to bring a WorkOne office back to Michigan City or our joint efforts on a new 800 mhz emergency communications system for our county, it’s been a pleasure working with this group of Commissioners on various matters.

My belief is that the voters put us in office to get things done and to put aside personal agendas and petty turf issues and want cooperation. With Commissioners Decker and Kora, I’ve found them great to work with and I hope the voters will see fit to return them both for another term on November 8th.

Mayor Ron Meer

Michigan City 


Cunningham would make great Recorder

I have known Earl Cunningham most of my life. We grew up in the small community of Hanna. We were taught by great family, community leaders and teachers to lead and help each other. Earl has done that well in his life. We all have different styles to get our message out. For his years on the County Council, he kept the council and community informed and challenged. He will make a great County Recorder.

Terry Garner

County Council President


Cunningham has the right stuff

I am writing to endorse Earl Cunningham for La Porte County Recorder. I have known Earl since I came to La Porte in 1980 to teach history and coach varsity boys basketball. A few years later, Earl became the varsity boys basketball coach at Michigan City Rogers where he had enormous success. While bitter rivals on the court, we remained good friends off the court. Ironically, I coached his son, Dace, who went on to star at St. Xavier University. His daughter, Ranell, was also one of my students in U.S. History at LPHS. So, I know the Cunninghams well.

Since Earl grew up in the south part of the county and graduated from South Central, lived in La Porte for many years and taught in Michigan City for 33 years, I think he has a thorough understanding of the needs of La Porte County residents. Knowing your constituents is a big part of serving in an elected office and his experience on the La Porte County Council will serve him well in his role as leader of the La Porte County Recorder’s office.

The Earl Cunningham I knew as a basketball rival was successful because he was organized, innovative and as well-prepared as any opposing coach I ever faced. His teams were successful because they were highly motivated and tremendously disciplined. Those qualities don’t happen by accident. They happen because a leader is an effective communicator and knows how to relate to people. I believe that Earl’s longtime experience as a successful coach and an educator who taught business coupled with his previous experience in elected office make him an outstanding choice for LaPorte County Recorder.

Joe Otis



Decker will move LP County forward

While both Dave Decker and his opponent, Mr. Mrozinski, are retired members of our local, I'm taking the extraordinary step of endorsing Dave Decker for re-election after talking to many of our members over the past six months. Frankly, Dave and his wife, Dot, have remained exceptionally active in the cause of organized labor, even in retirement.

It's my belief that Dave has a strong record of standing up for working families. The work Dave did passing a Responsible Bidder Ordinance, one of the first of its kind in Northwest Indiana, is a good example of ensuring that taxpayer dollars are spent wisely on projects using a trained workforce and that costs are kept in line.

Dave came into office finding massive deficits and tax bills delayed and Dave Decker and Commissioner Kora worked cooperatively with the council and Auditor to put in financial controls and get a handle on expenses.

Most importantly, Dave has an exceptional ability to work with others cooperatively rather than engage in bickering or sniping at others.

I personally want to see La Porte County continue moving forward and that's why my personal endorsement, as President of USW Local 12775, is enthusiastically for Dave Decker's re-election.

Vernon Beck

President, USW Local 12775


Cunningham is right for Recorder

As co-chairwomen for your candidate for La Porte County Recorder, Earl Cunningham, we would like to share his history, goals and promises.

He grew up in Hanna and graduated from South Central.  After college, he moved to Union Mills for six years and then on to La Porte and Michigan City before settling in the Waterford area for the last 30 years. Having spent over 35 years in education and coaching, he came to know the good people of La Porte County very well.  His experiences as a business law and math teacher, coach, customer relations manager and two terms as a County Councilman have prepared him well for this position.

His goals for the office are really quite simple. He will attempt to make the Recorder’s office the most customer-friendly, the most fiscally responsible and the most transparent in the county. There is currently a highly-trained, efficient staff and, with proper leadership, they will attain these goals. He understands that the taxpayers are our bosses and we work for them. He believes that you must be more conservative with the taxpayers’ money than your own.

His promises to you are to never operate a county account in the red; to never have office furniture repossessed and to never say to the county council during a public, televised meeting, “I don’t know what the procedures are.”  All of these have happened in the current term of this administration.

We are proud of the hard work and positive campaign that he and our volunteers have completed. We respectfully request your vote for Earl Cunningham in early voting or on Nov. 8.  Thank you very much for your consideration.  

Joanne Layman

Michigan City

Teresa Ludlow



Kora and Decker have county's best interest in mind

Having served on the La Porte County Council for over 14 years, I can say, without reservation that the working relationship with the Commissioners is now at a high point and the word I get from voters is they like “cooperation” between the Commission and Council rather than gridlock and bickering.

Both Commissioners Dr. Kora and Dave Decker understand that it takes cooperation to get things done and they have worked cooperatively with the Council the last couple years to help us get our financial house in order. We had come through some difficult times with the tax mess and all the litigation and the first act when Dr. Kora and Dave Decker were sworn in nearly four years ago was to bring in financial experts from Cender & Company to assist the county.

Together, we put some tough financial controls in place, we held the line on expenses and got our general fund back in the black – all without raising taxes.

Just like the Council said “no” 10 years ago to having us join an RDA, the Commissioners rightly took a pass on this latest version of an RDA, which also would be a very bad deal for La Porte County residents. While the Commissioners and Council are very active on regional efforts that actually benefit our county like NIRPC and NICTD’s double-tracking plan, we have to be smart enough to say “no” when a regional deal is not good for our county and I commend Commissioners Kora and Decker for taking a pass on an RDA.

I’m urging my friends and neighbors to support both Dr. Kora and Dave Decker for re-election so we can keep good, productive relations between the Commission and Council going into the future.

Mark Yagelski

La Porte County Councilman


Biernacki will support Hoosier education

Public education has been under attack for years in Indiana. Daniels-Bennett-Pence have blitzkrieged Hoosier public education.

Pence declined $80 million in federal grants for statewide preschool-kindergarten schools, and then later admitted his mistake. He has frozen teacher salaries, discouraged traditional pay scales and incentives for master’s degrees, and removed class-size language in contracts. Now anyone with a Bachelor’s degree can teach. No teaching license needed. No classes in education needed.

Republicans attempted to rob the Hoosiers’ State Superintendent of Education, Glenda Ritz, of her power by creating a Republican back-door department of education. More Hoosier money for education wasted. Republicans have diverted $53 million dollars from public schools and handed them to charter schools. Charter schools have been awarded an extra $1500 per pupil. Indiana’s charter schools have over 32,000 students, creating one of the nation’s largest charter-school systems. Then, those charter schools play by their own rules: not taking special-needs students, not always spending the state money on education, ignoring state tests. Ms. Pullman from the Heartland Institute, largely financed by billionaire Charles Koch, said, "What’s the point of school choice if the choice schools have to do many of the same things public schools do?”


This election is not about today. Not about tomorrow. This election is about tomorrow’s tomorrows. Hoosier voters must stand up, must support Hoosier education. Karen Biernacki will stand up and will support Hoosier education. Throughout her professional career, she has been an advocate for all people, but especially for those needing that extra help. We must do better! Karen Biernacki as State House Representative of District 20 will see that we do better.

Greg Fruth

La Porte


Biernacki will protect local jobs

In the race for house district 20, this is a chance for Hoosiers to begin balancing the power at the statehouse. In what has been a very turbulent last few years for blue-collar workers in our great state, this is a great opportunity to elect a candidate who will put Hoosiers first and focus on education and infrastructure so Hoosiers have the skills and training to build a solid foundation to raise a middle class family.

Too much focus has been spent on passing laws that target certain groups and individuals. We should be passing laws that help all Hoosiers as a whole.

Her opponent is the president of the organization that was the driving force behind the repeal of Indiana’s Common Construction Wage law, which lowered construction workers pay and will have devastating impacts on skilled trade’s apprenticeship programs throughout the state. This 80-year-old law was in place to protect local, law-abiding contractors, from out- of- state, fly-by-night contractors preventing them from undercutting them. Contractors competed based on skills and ability. Now, they will compete based on who can cut more corners and be the cheapest.

Karen Biernacki is committed to protecting local jobs. Karen is committed to making sure contractors are not misclassifying employees and breaking the law by not paying taxes. Karen is committed to making sure contractors are competing fairly so there are opportunities for our children in the skilled trades for apprenticeship programs after high school.

Karen has spent her career investing in Hoosiers. It’s time to put Hoosiers first and invest in our greatest resource, ourselves.

John Carr

President, Carpenters Local 1485


Consider all the issues before Presidential vote

Please don't be offended, but I just can't keep quiet about the coming election. Did you watch the debate last Wednesday night? It sounds like one candidate doesn't want to lower any taxes so that all those companies offshore, waiting for the outcome of this election, will stay offshore for another four years and we will continue to have only a measly 1 or 2 percent growth in our economy.

Also, did you notice the opposing views on partial birth abortion? This late-term procedure is never necessary. The almost full-term baby can be safely separated from the mother and given up for adoption. In fact, induced labor or ceserean section is much safer for a pregnant woman who need immediate attention than the partial birth abortion.

The same person promoting this procedure also wants to get rid of the Hyde Amendment, which keeps our tax dollars from funding such practices. This candidate may be successful as the future President will certainly appoint one Supreme Court justice and possilby two or three more. Then, Supreme Court cases such as Little Sisters of the Poor versus Obama administration, may have a completely different outcome, which would be very sad for religious freedom.

One last item is the wall. Open borders will make it even easier for drug addiction and human trafficking to occur. Consider the possibility of vetting and giving citizenship to 69,000 new refugees when there are thousands of legal immigrants going through legal channels who are still waiting for their citizenship papers.

I hope you will consider all these issues as you step into the voting booth Nov. 8.

Sheila Pollock

Michigan City


Be informed before you vote

For far too long we have given away our vote to the Democratic Party by following their instruction to "Punch 10". We need to be informed and make intelligent, individual decisions in each contest so that our vote is truly individualized. It only takes a few minutes and you can have some pride in your choices.

The sad part is that those encouraging us to do this rarely do it themselves. Our vote should no longer be taken for granted. I am a Democrat, but I vote smart, because I look over each candidate and vote individually because some Dems only run with that party because they need the African-American vote to win and don’t have our agenda in heart.

Wesley Scully

Michigan City

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