John Lake is a leader

I have been a practicing attorney in this county for over 40 years. During this period of time I have had the honor and opportunity to observe a number of truly great individuals who have served their community as either a judge, prosecutor or practicing attorney. These individuals stand apart from others by virtue of some common characteristics that their lesser brethren do not share.

John Lake is such an individual. I have known Mr. Lake for decades. He is a leader. He is a leader that leads from the front of the pack. He is guided by a philosophy of justice and fairness without regard to statistics. Yet, if you actually look at the statistics, Mr. Lake’s performance has been superior to his competitor.

Mr. Lake is one of those rare individuals who has dedicated himself to public life. He is a skilled and aggressive litigator whose interest in seeing that justice is done, outweighs the concern of whether he wins or loses. This is not to say, however, that John Lake has ever lost a trial. To the best of my knowledge he has never lost a trail.

I feel confident that John Lake has the experience and skill to reform and rejuvenate the prosecutor’s office into a branch of law enforcement that we, as citizens of La Porte County, can have confidence in its leadership, professional skill and desire to see that justice is served. There is no doubt in my mind that this county and the La Porte County legal community will be greatly enhanced with John Lake at the head of the prosecutor’s office. I would urge all citizens of La Porte County to vote for John Lake in the upcoming primary election.

— Steven C. Snyder,

Michigan City

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