Congrats to the Blazers

It was the spring of 1970 at Marquette High School in Michigan City.

We had faced race relations, the Vietnam War and assassinations of national leaders. It was a difficult time in the history of the classes of 1970 -74.

The boys could work out their frustrations with sports at the school. They had trophies, athletic banquets and athletic scholarships. We girls didn't yet have Title 9, but we had divine inspiration — sports for girls! And that spring of 1970, I went to then-Spanish teacher Margo Hale and principal Father Sroka and asked the following question: "Can you please let us start girls athletics at Marquette High? Cheerleading isn't enough and it limits us to only a handful of girls who can participate. Please give us a chance."

Then, after several assemblies and endless planning, the girls of Marquette High School were granted permission to start girls athletics in the spring of 1970 and we went wild. We put together a program of as many sports as we could imagine: tennis, volleyball, swimming golf and basketball.

We girls were granted the use of the former gym at the elementary school, now-defunct, that was located on U.S. 12 in Beverly Shores.

Father Doyle, then Pastor of St. Ann's Church in Beverly Shores, came that first night of practice, to welcome us, as we girls of Marquette began our intramural basketball extravaganza.

These were the trail blazers of girls athletics at Marquette High School, who are probably, some of them, now aunts and grandmothers to the girls of Marquette High School, the Lady Blazers, who became our Indiana state basketball champions.

We are so proud of you, but we want you to know it wasn't easy to open up the gate which was holding us back for so many decades.

Thank you to everyone at Marquette High School, coaches and of course the Lady Blazers for what you did to make us so proud.

Blessings from the women of the class of Marquette High School 1970-1974 who fought so hard for sports for girls at Marquette High School and are so proud for this moment that has resulted from many efforts throughout our history. Congratulations, Lady Blazers!

Donna Kavanagh

Long Beach

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