Home for the holidays

Perry Como said it best when he crooned out his famous holiday hit: "Oh, there’s no place like home for the holidays."

Once again this year, my husband, daughters, and I were thrilled to spend some time here in Northwest Indiana. In all my years, I still love “coming home” to the Christmas delight that is Michigan City.

First stop is mass at St. Stanislaus Church. This gloriously decorated church reminiscent of my childhood hasn’t changed since I went to school there more than 30 years ago. You can still visit the life-sized nativity, surrounded by the most brilliant blue night sky you will ever see. The plethora of giant Christmas trees, wreaths and garlands strung all around the 125-plus-year-old church will take your breath away. Every other church we have visited in all our travels pales in comparison to the beauty of St. Stan’s at Christmas.

Next stop was Washington Park for the Festival of Lights. What a sight to behold! So many twinkling lights illuminating the beautiful lakeshore. We love spotting all our old favorites — the dancing daisies, the pterodactyl and snail, the playful penguins; and it’s fun trying to spot new ones each year, too. Many cities with holiday displays charge to drive through and see them. Kudos to Michigan City for providing this magical wonderland free of charge.

Whether it’s a gorgeous old church or beautifully lit-up beach or the “Christmas Story” leg lamp glowing in the window on Pine Street, for the holidays you can’t beat home sweet home!

Amelia Holloway

Fort Wayne, Indiana


Intersection of Johnson and CR 400 seems dangerous

The intersection of CR 400 and Johnson Road is dangerous. When I am sitting at the light on Johnson Road waiting to turn left, so I can go to the Coolspring Branch of the county library, it's hard to see if there are any oncoming cars because it's hard to see around all the cars waiting to turn left onto 400.

And, it's not a sharp left turn onto 400. You have to move up and then turn left at an angle. I'm sure the cars on the opposite side, turning left onto 400, have the same problem.

I've discussed this with friends and we all agree this is a dangerous intersection. I think a traffic light with turn arrows on it might help so drivers turning can turn safely without fear of being hit by oncoming traffic. 

Christine Glafcke

Trail Creek


We need to crack down on illegal trade activities

Shouldn’t our tax dollars be spent on American manufacturing? Shouldn't we promote free and fair trade, instead of pouring money into countries that are manipulating their prices? Despite what you believe, you need to know that, right now, our country is being hurt by foreign nations who are taking advantage of us.

Due to China’s state-ran manufacturing industry that manipulates prices, industrial factories here in the United States are suffering. China’s government enables their steelmakers to overproduce steel and ship their extra stock to be sold here in the United States at manipulated low prices, a practice called “dumping.” So, while our nation’s security erodes as our economy is hit by the fallout of this manipulative practice, foreign nations are getting rich.

This practice places unfair pressure on our metal manufacturers. If not addressed, the United States could someday rely solely on foreign industrial goods for construction, reconstruction and defense.

Should we have to enforce military tactics or rebuild after a tragedy, we could easily be shorted the materials we need, because we’re not relying on ourselves to provide the materials we need, anyone can pull the carpet out below us. We can’t let ourselves be so susceptible to a potential shortage of steel or allow our economy to be upended by improper trade tactics used by foreign nations against the United States.

We need the President to stand up against China’s illegal trade activities and focus on protecting the American economy. It’s pro-America and pro-fair trade.

Michael Hyman

Michigan City

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