Congrats to MC boys track team 

On Saturday, June 4, the Michigan City High School Wolves boys track team accomplished a feat that, to my knowledge, has never occurred in our school or city. They participated in and contended for the Indiana State Track Championship and subsequently finished as runner up for the state track title.

I, like their fellow students, school administrators and staff, school board, community leaders, family and friends am extremely proud of all members of the team for their effort and the success they have had throughout the season. However, I want to convey special congratulations and recognition to the six young men who carried the banner of Michigan City High School and the Michigan City community to Bloomington last weekend. The team ultimately finished second, just two points short of winning the state title. Carmel High School won the title with 43 points, compared to the MCHS total of 41 points. This is especially significant in that Carmel was the defending state champion and is a school that has won more 120 state titles, collectively, in all sports.

Track is not the glamour sport as is basketball or football or even baseball. Consequently, many times it does not get the full or same measure of support as do other sports. Boys and girls competing in track are members of a team, yet spend countless practice and personal hours training and working out to perfect their individual skills, talents, endurance and stamina. The requirements necessitated in other sports are also very evident in track. To be successful and to maximize their potential, athletes have to demonstrate commitment, be focused, remain perseverant, be coachable and have a plan/end goal.

These young men are achievers and winners. I trust that they will receive additional recognition and praise that is appropriate and consistent with their accomplishment. Being the state runner-up in track is an honor, is a testament to these young men, is rare and is a point of pride for our community.

Let's lift up these young men and celebrate this special moment in their lives and our high school athletic history. Our homage should not be casual or passive, but rather we should provide them with the same attention that is afforded a championship-caliber team in any sport.

Allen L. Williams

Michigan City


Thanks for the help, Shelley

For those of us who lack technical skills (yes, that would be me), Shelley at Comcast is a blessing.

She has calmed me down and walked me through whatever problem I might be having any number of times — occasionally with the help of chocolate).

Thanks, Shelley, you are a shining star at Comcast. I hope that the company realizes what an asset you are to the company.

Carol Smith

Michigan City

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