The cost of a 'free' breakfast

The article on the so-called "universal breakfast" proposal (June 2) needs some clarification. My understanding is that the school board is not required to approve it; that it is something the Director of the School City's Food Services intends to do on her own (though, I expect, if put to a vote of the board, it would have near-unanimous support just because the administration wants it).

I further understand that under the proposal, all high school students — even if their parents are able to pay — get a free breakfast. My concern here is that this is societal leveling. In this particular instance, we are not helping to move up those on the lower rung of the societal ladder; rather, we seek to bring those on the higher rungs of that ladder down until everyone is at the same level.

This approach surely kills off initiative. A student may reason: "My parents work hard to provide money to feed me, but why should I work so hard when the public schools feed me for free?!" Of course, we know it is not altogether "free"; subsidizing these "free" breakfasts for those whose parents could afford it will take at least $27,000 out of the Food Service fund.

The Michigan City Area Schools already provide free lunches for every student in grade and middle schools. Now, there will also be free breakfasts for all high schoolers, regardless of parents' ability to pay. What's next? Free dinners for all those attending night school?

Beryle Burgwald

MCAS board member

Michigan City


The circus remains in Washington D.C.

Well, the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus is gone, but the circus at the White House is still going.

Trump said he inherited a mess. No, I think he made a mess. I have lived through 13 presidents and never seen a mess like we have now.

Most presidents have shown their tax papers, but he refuses to show his. Why? Is he hiding something? He mentioned during the campaign something about not paying taxes, because he was smart.

Every day, we turn on the news and there's something more going on with Trump. When will it end?

Coralene McKay

Michigan City

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