Thanks, from Bonita Springs

Michigan City should know of the valuable work of residents Ben Flohr and Jake Hilt for their charitable efforts to support hurricane Irma victims here in Bonita Springs, Florida.

Neighborhoods in Bonita took a direct hit from the storm and several areas are still under water this week. As a former resident of Michigan City now living in Bonita Springs, I was proud to read their efforts to support those who lost their homes.

Readers of The News-Dispatch should be aware of the selfless effort to help storm victims 1,300 miles from the shores of Lake Michigan. Kudos to them.

Peter J. Bergerson, Ph.D.

Bonita Springs, Florida


Sophia's a shining example of strong customer service

There is much talk about the lack of customer service in society today. I try to keep a positive outlook and forgive or avoid any minor conflicts, but even I have been disheartened by the lack of friendliness and appreciation that has become an everyday occurence at stores and restaurants.

I believe that, when clerks are being trained, it is not installed in the workers how important it is to have a sense of pride in their work ethic and appearance. I happily find a taste of old-fashioned customer appreciation whenever I go into our community restaurant, Sophia's. The owner/manager, Stelios, and his wait staff, bussers and hosts are ever-so-pleasant and skilled in their service. Stelios comes around to each table and makes you feel as if he is the host at a family meal that you have been invited to.

Thank you, Sophia's, not only for the delicious food you serve, but how well you treat those who patronize your business. We urge everyone to visit your establishment for breakfast and/or lunch and only wish you were open for dinners, too.

Bobby Komendera

Michigan City

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