Cops, not armed teachers

Several good guys with firearms is not the way to deal with bad guys with a gun or guns in schools. It is a moral prerogative that school districts will face in choosing to arm staff members to deal with mass shootings. The question to be voted on will be, “Do we add firepower to our schools to protect them or not?”

President Trump, the NRA, and many gun advocates seriously promote the proposition that arming schools is the answer to tragic catastrophes like the latest school massacre on St. Valentine’s Day.

I suspect that this question will not come before a Michigan City Area Schools Board of Trustees meeting any time soon because of our good fortune having Marty Corley on the School Board. Officer Corley knows the danger of such a controversial proposal and will defend our city’s students, teachers and school staffs from stored firearms.

Dave Johnson

Michigan City


Guns in the schools?

Unfortunately we read about the mass shootings by severaly mentally defective people. What to do? Having no deterrence does not work. Stronger background checks for gun ownership are a must. Stronger moral teaching by parents, clergy and educators must be stronger. Arming every teacher will not work.

Consider having every employee who is ex-law enforcement, every ex-military personnel and the like be trained and authorized to have, in their possession, a weapon in the school or district in which they work.

Deterrence is a wonderful word. Each school would have an educational program to show all students what safety procedures may be installed in their school. Only a portion of all schools would actually have a trained weapons person on staff. The potential murders would not know which schools were protected. Deterrence and fast response are key.

These trained persons would be regular school staff with additional duties. Maybe federal government combat pay as an extra incentive. This really is a matter of Homeland Security. Consider that the White House, airports, courthouses, etc., all have this type of visible deterrence — why not our schools? I would vote for this approach.

George Dobie

New Buffalo


NAACP, Freedom Fund Committee say thanks

The La Porte County NAACP’s event honoring “Trailblazers in History” was far different from anything they have done before. The event honored members of our community who were pioneers in advancing the rights of “all persons.”

The outpouring of support allows them to remain steadfast in their commitment to advocating for social justice, and the removal of barriers contributing to reduction of educational, economic, health, housing, and climate disparities.

NAACP President Wesley Scully introduced the winners of the first-ever awards, stating that Jillian Ashley, Robert Bell, Laverne Dunlap, City Councilman Gene Simmons, late City Councilman Allan Whitlow and Allen Williams were outstanding “firsts” in their fields in Michigan City. “We are all proud of them, and grateful to them for their leadership.” Additional surprise awards were given to Faye Moore and Scott Pelath, with an additional surprise for President Scully for all he does for the NAACP.

The NAACP officers (Wesley Scully, Brient Thomas, Michelle Gregory and Clarence Finnie) and the Freedom Fund Committee (Wesley Scully, Brient Thomas, Clarence Finnie, Floretha Kelly, Amanda Bates, Cora Cambridge and Donnita Scully) wish to recognize those who have committed their generosity to the Freedom Fund 2018:

Gold Donor: NIPSCO.

Silver Donors: SEIU Health Union, Steelworkers Local Union 6787, Horizon Bank, Attorney Dan Granquist, St. John's Church, Redeemed Fellowship Church, New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church, Franciscan Health Michigan City, Michigan City Councilwoman Pat Boy, Swanson Center and La Porte County Convention and Visitors Center.

Bronze Donors: Michigan City Mayor Ron Meer's Office and Ivy Tech Community College – Michigan City Campus.

Donors: Purdue Northwest, Laverne Dunlap and The White family, of South Bend.

La Porte County NAACP is an extension of the NAACP, the nation's oldest & largest civil rights organization. They fight for social justice for all. As members of this organization, young people (and adults) can become educated on voter registration, state laws and local laws while being active in the community.

They meet on the fourth Thursday of every Month from 6:30-8 p.m. at Ivy Tech Community College, 3714 Franklin St., Michigan City, IN, 46360. They welcome new members.


Bowl for the Cure once again a success

The 17th annual Bowl For The Cure Bowl-a-thon was held on Feb. 25 at City Lanes. We would like to thank Jayne Johnston for donating the use of her bowling alley to us for this important fundraiser. We had 47 loyal bowlers this year who, along with some of our local businesses, helped us raise more than $8,000. We will be donating half of all donations to Franciscan Health Women's Center and the La Porte Foundation.

We would like to thank Lakeshore Foods, T-Berry's Diner, Hair Gallery, Chris's Car Care, Arby's, McDonald's — Laporte, Holly's/The Sydows, Kabelin Ace Hardware, Four Winds Casino, The Indianapolis Colts and all of the individuals who donated gift certificates or door awards to us.

We would also like to thank Weber Family Dentistry, Meijer, Peters & Marske, Dolson Insurance Agency, The Bould Family, L&R Body Shop, Devries Tire Co., Moose 980, Pavey Excavating Co. Inc., 2Bad Racing, Mike & Debbie Dill, the Senior Tournament Committee and Coiffures by Sally for their monetary donations and all of the bowlers who raised the majority of our donations. We wouldn't be successful without all of you.

Marilyn Schnick

Chairperson, Bowl For The Cure Committee

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