Revisit the MC Library

I was born and raised in Michigan City, but have since moved away. However, when I visited the MC Public Library this week, I was just astonished at how nice the children's department was! There was an infant area with brand new board books and little tiny chairs and games, the toddler section has all the picture books facing forward so the toddler can look at the front of the books to select from (instead of just the spines), and the teenage area had these great high-top tables as if they're at a coffee bar. The furniture and rugs were fun, funky, and functional, and there were puzzles laid out on all the tables for children to interact with. My kids and I will be back and I highly recommend you visit, too!

Courtney (Bulger) Traeger

Woodstock, Georgia

How is abortion safe?

In the Wednesday (6/29/16) edition of the News Dispatch, we read an editorial published in the Dallas Morning News. The headline reads "Safe, legal abortion is here to stay." The editorial praises the recent Supreme Court decision which knocks down a Texas law requiring abortionists to have admitting privileges as local hospitals, and abortion clinics to meet the same same standards as other surgical centers.

I have to question how it is safe for a woman to be "treated" by someone who can't or won't get admitting privileges at the hospital?

And how is it safe for a woman to be "treated" in a clinic which has lower standards than other surgical facilities?

It certainly isn't safe for the child, who always dies!

What have we come to in this country when we systematically murder the most defenseless and innocent among us, our own children?

David Daley

La Porte

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