Thank you, from MC Holiday Meals

Michigan City Holiday Meals (formerly known as the Garner Foundation) would like to send a very prayerful thank you to all who helped provide the 337 free meals served on Thanksgiving Day.

First and foremost, our most gracious Heavenly Father, who continues to abundantly provide, that we may be of service to our brothers and sisters; General and Mary Garner for the Godly vision set before them so many years ago; Dr. Kora and the Physicians of Michigan City; Maggie Spartz and the La Porte County Unity Foundation; Felice Kelly and the Hope Program; The News-Dispatch; the Michigan City Police Department; Pastors Dierre and Patricia Glenn and the Advancing Christ's Kingdom Ministries-Michigan City family; Salvation Army and the Ivy Tech State College; Meals On Wheels; Emma's Eats, Tiger Lilly; Blue Chip Casino; the Michigan City Rotary Club and Apex Auto Care. And to the many loving and caring individuals who donated time, energy and resources, we tearfully thank you, also.

May God bless you and keep you. 

Amy J. Penrod

Chairperson, Michigan City Holiday Meals


'What leaf pick-up program?'

A recent letter to the editor wonders what happened to our leaf pick-up program. My question is, "what leaf pick-up program?" I haven't seen the new large picker-uppers anywhere near Wabash Street from 11th to Barker this year. The leaves from Greene to 11th haven't been picked up for the last four years. The only thing moving them was a snow plow that pushed them up on the sidewalk for me to shovel.

I have noticed that our infamous north end ice cream parlor doesn't see to have a single leaf around it. Could it be that it might be moved to the soon-to-be remodeled Washington Park? At least we might make some money with it down there. It didn't do much, sitting empty for, yet, another year by the tracks.

Better yet, we could paint it 10 different colors, designate it as a piece of art and put it on a north end street corner. It would join those other pieces of scrap down there.

Just a thought.

Bill Roth

Michigan City

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