Deuitch is right for Michigan Twp. Trustee


I had the pleasure to serve with then Sgt. First Class Jeff Deuitch in 2008 in remote areas of Western Afghanistan. Jeff is a strong and compassionate leader, tested and proven in the crucible of war. Jeff was awarded a purple heart and a bronze star for actions in combat. In my opinion, he earned more, but that is another topic for another day. Jeff will make an invaluable addition to your community’s leadership team.

Simply put, good men are alive today because Jeff was there, and did not shirk from his duty. I am not surprised that he seeks to continue his service to your community and our nation. This is part of who he is. Jeff will always work to improve whatever situation he is part of. He focuses on relationships and sincerely works to understand differing viewpoints. He has always been particularly interested in anything that will improve the lives of our children.

Like most capable leaders, Jeff can also follow and is a rock solid member of any team. Jeff produces results without supervision. He is self-motivated and lifts others with his enthusiasm.

Jeff and I don’t always agree politically, but he has the ability to disagree without being disagreeable. He respects others’ opinions, and is able to have civil discussions with those who have differing viewpoints.

As a family man, combat vet and man of unquestionable integrity, Jeff Deuitch is the right person at the right time for this duty. I am honored to have served with him and to call him my friend. I strongly encourage you to vote for him.

Col. Daniel F. Pipes (ret.)

US Army, Infantry

Fairfield, Vermont

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