Thank you, Wolves 

The holiday season is here again. With all the negative and disrespectful happenings and news, we may find it difficult to allow this happy season to provide us with the 'good feel we look forward to this time of the year.

Many feel we are being punished for the lifestyle we've manufactured. We are, however, seeing power and position no longer being able to protect those living life where 'entitlement' seems to allow for sexual misbehavior.

Do not despair, Michigan City, we've been given a solid reason to rejoice since our football team won it's first regional title ever. This was no fluke. Simply review past history.

Thank you, Michigan City football coaches, staff, players and managers for a season superbly played. You are a light of wonder during dark times and, yes, you and your dedication have given this city true reason for celebration and feeling blessed. You are our gift.

May you all have heartfelt hoildays and know that actions, such as yours, are far nicer to hear/read about than what seem to fill media cravings.

Thank you for making this holiday season extra special. Happy Holidays to all and may 2018 be positive and respectful.

Harold J. Wolf

Michigan City


Who do you want educating your children?

As a Michigan City High School graduate, I know all too well the challenges we face in educating our community’s children.

While Congresswoman Jackie Walorski, of Indiana’s 2nd District, claims, “I firmly believe America has the ability to produce the best and brightest students, from preschool through graduate school,” she was behind the Congressional committee that wrote the current tax legislation, which increases the tax burden on graduate students.

As a current PhD student with a tuition waiver, my tax liability would increase twofold, and I would be unable to continue my education. Who do you want teaching your children at the post-secondary level? The nation’s best and brightest, or the wealthy who do not need to worry about their education costs?

Congresswoman Walorski should be held accountable for what she says.

Ethan Alt

Chapel Hill, North Carolina


Are polls fake news?

According to some recent political polls concerning the 2016 Presidential election, more than 80 percent of Trump voters would admit to voting for Donald and will do so again in 2020. While more than 80 percent of Clinton voters would not even admit to voting for Hillary or would not do so again. So, the question is, do you believe this type of poll result? How can most people be so sure three years out? I would say that most could not.

With the recent assault on news/media outlets and charges of fake news and cases of news becoming the opinions of the reporters, just how much of poll data results can we believe? Is the pollster reliable? What is the sample? Is the sample biased? Is the sample large enough? Hard to really trust.

I say, take your own poll. Is your own personal poll large enough or purely anecdotal? I am sure that we can all trust our own friends, family and acquaintances, even if we do not agree with them or they with us. We also know that if they are uninformed or are being misled and if they can not see the truth, which is clearly right in front of their noses.

George Dobie

New Buffalo



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