House Bill 1414 bad deal for Indiana

House Bill 1414 is not a wise choice for Indiana’s economic future. NIPSCO has determined in order to be financially viable it must close its coal-burning power plants. Scheduled closings in Michigan City are within 10 years and in Wheatfield, five. Clean renewable energies are a cost-saving measure, thereby providing customers more reasonably priced electricity.

HB 1414 is not a wise choice for Hoosiers as living beings. Continuing to burn coal to generate electricity causes asthma, COPD, lung cancer, and kidney failure. Closing these plants as soon as possible promotes health and wellness. Making coal companies unnecessarily go before the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission to obtain permission to shut down a facility compromises our quality of life.

HB 1414 is not good for our environment. Coal burning plants spew mercury and lead into the air we breathe. Leaching toxic waste from coal ash ponds pollutes our rivers, lakes and ground water, causing contamination which results in death and property devaluation. The Pines in Porter County is an example of complete community devastation.

HB 1414 is a wise choice for the outdated coal industry in Indiana and the campaigns of elected officials. Author Rep. Soliday of Valparaiso accepts contributions from the Indiana Coal Council. Lobbyist Scott Pruitt has returned from outside Indiana to influence legislators.

Contact members of the Senate Committee on Utilities and your senator and ask them to vote "No" on this bill to lower utility costs, prevent diseases, protect our habitats, and allow industry control over closures.

Nancy Moldenhauer

Michigan City

Yearbook staff thanks supporters

The Michigan City High School Alpha Yearbook staff would like to extend a huge thank you to the following people and organizations for helping make our 25th annual Winter Ball a huge success: Barker Hall, Stephanie Choucalas of Sweet Bling, Locomotion DJ Service, Kelly Fargo, Bruce Stahl, Suzanne Kaiser, Connor Baker, Elliot Jasicki, Katie St. Germaine, Mary Zolis, Principal Kevin Goralczyk, Assistant Principal Brett St. Germaine, and Officer Steve Dick.

A special thank you to the following businesses for their generous donations: Al’s Corporation, Athletico, Ericka Hutton, The Bartlett Family, Captain Ed’s, City Lanes, Culver’s, Edgewood Dental, Family Express, Fannie Mae Candy, Hacienda, Holly’s, McDonald’s Corporation, McGinnis, MCHS Athletic Department, MCHS Booster Club, Mucho Mas, Panda Express, Panini Panini, Popcorn World, Starbucks, Sugar Bowl, Swingbelly’s, and Timothy Jeffry Salon.

The students of Michigan City High School appreciate your support and participation in making this event a fabulous success! Thank you!

MCHS Alpha Yearbook Staff

Thanks for lending helping hand

I want to thank the the people, especially the gentleman, who on Dec. 19 came to my aid. I had a cart full and was going to wait for my daughter to get the car. My legs started to give out from under me, and I asked for someone to grab me before I fell.

A gentleman grabbed me from behind. I don't even know what he looked out. Another man got the wheelchair so I could sit down, and others helped with the cart. Thank you all for your help and concern.

Valeria Kniola

Trail Creek

In favor of Double Track upgrade

I commute to Chicago from Michigan City via the South Shore Line. Profligate Illinois has accumulated massive state government debts of $220 billion. Property taxes are high and rising. In contrast, fiscally careful Indiana enjoys a budget surplus of $2 billion.

This epic disparity inspires ever more Illinois residents to become Happy Hoosiers. The South Shore is laying a track to Dyer to serve growing numbers of cost refugees settling in Lake County.

Inter-state migration also justifies the “Double Track” upgrade. My train round-trip is three hours each day. The upgrade will reduce train time to Michigan City by 25 percent. Lovely La Porte County will become even more appealing to cost refugees.

A rising tide of investment lifts all boats. If you own property in La Porte County, it will rise in value. A rising population will also boost local businesses and jobs, thanks to the Double Track.

Improving South Shore infrastructure will yield pay-offs. Indiana has chosen to invest more than $200 million to enable the Double Ttrack upgrade. This statewide commitment to Northwest Indiana is heartening.

Named after Lake Michigan, our town was the first Hoosier settlement along its sandy shoreline. Early in the 20th century, Michigan City thrived in part as a destination for vessels carrying tourists from Chicago. In future, if a speedier train enables Illinois cost refugees to find a better life by residing year-round on the right side of the lake, Michigan City and La Porte County will be blessed by invigorating economic growth.

Frank Anscombe

Michigan City

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