Let's have peace between police, the public

Is it correct to say that 99 percent of police officers are not trigger-happy and would rather not have to draw and fire their service revolvers?

It's the last one percent who have our country in an uproar. While I hesitate, I agree with all the frustration and outrage.

An innocent person will not taunt or provoke a police officer. They will not run or charge at a police officer. They will stop, drop anything they may have in their hands and put their hands up. This at least will give a police officer time to assess the situation and then questioning can begin in a toned-down manner.

All across our country, policemen and innocent victims of police misconduct are losing their lives. Their passing is not only felt by family and friends. Strangers across the U.S. grieve in despair.

All are released to an ever-after life of peace and joy. For skeptics, this is not a made-up theory. In fact, this way of thinking may bring a small amount of relief.

I believe that all active policemen and women should be equipped with Tasers and they should be trained in their proper use.

Here's the kicker: These Tasers should be paid for by the U.S. government. Year after year, millions and millions of government dollars are spent on ridiculous and useless ideas and projects.

I recently saw on television a beautiful little black girl. This little angel and her grandmother prepared a whole lot of sack lunches and gave them to a group of police officers. This extreme act of kindness brought tears to my eyes. Young men of color, let this little girl be an example to you all and lay down your guns.

Nancy Innes

Michigan City


Officer, we call upon you

Dear officer,

We call upon you when our property is stolen.

We call upon you when we have an auto accident.

We call upon you when we cannot manage our out-of-control children.

We call upon  you to quiet our neighbor's barking dogs.

We call upon you for any number of reasons — be they real or perceived.

When something is not quite right, it's "Who ya gonna call?" Trust me, the answer is not "Ghostbusters". It's call your local police — in our case, MCPD.

We need to ask ourselves: How often do we remember to say "Thank you" to these men and women who are always there for us. Let's remember to always show them our respect and support, especially now in this time of strife.

Carol A. Smith

Michigan City


The city that works together

I recently required the need for removal of a deceased raccoon that found its way into my garbage bin. I contacted the Refuse Department and spoke to a lady named Destiny. She was very courteous and concerned in helping to resolve my issue. She then informed me that she was going to contact the Michigan City Street Department.

In the course of an hour, their truck arrived at my residence and helped dispose of the raccoon. The representatives of both departments were highly professional and we were very grateful for their efficiency in this matter. This teamwork produced a job well done.

I would to extend my gratitude to everyone involved.

Paul Kemiel

Michigan City


"Cabaret" a high-level theatre show

There is a big secret going on in Michiana Shores and I am going to let the cat of the bag. Without much advertising, The Dunes Summer Theatre is now doing a production of "Cabaret".

This performance is as good or better as anything you could see in Chicago. With a live orchestra on stage, the amount of time and effort put into this show is phenomenal, but the sad part is that the theatre was barely one-third full on a Friday night. This show is on for only four more performances (July 21-24) and it deserves a standing-room-only audience every night.

The talent here is amazing and, for a ridiculously low price, this is not to be missed. Forget camping out overnight to get $2,000 tickets to Hamilton. You can do just as well right here. What good is sitting alone in your room?

Susan Nichols

Beverly Shores


Volunteers the driving force behind Meals on Wheels

Volunteers know that the fruits of their labor are lives filled with hope amd hearts filled with joy. “Fresh” was the theme at the annual Volunteer Appreciation Brunch held at Pottawattomie Country Club.

The event was attended by approximately 100 volunteers, the Meals on Wheels Board of Directors and staff. John Records Landecker was the guest speaker and the legendary radio disc jockey recognized the importance of the volunteer force that is Meals on Wheels.

Cheryl Daurer, Executive Director, expressed heartfelt gratitude to all of the volunteers and emphasized that La Porte County Meals on Wheels could not and would not roll without the army of volunteers. Daurer shared some “fresh facts” about Meals on Wheels including: since 1974, La Porte County Meals on Wheels volunteers have delivered 1,423,350 hot, nutritious meals. In 2015, volunteers delivered a total of 47,370 meals over 245 days to 283 local residents.

The following individuals were honored during the event for the most number of volunteer days during 2015: Jean Kleinschmidt, Bill Shawver, Dale Schultz, Bob Uremovich, Brownie Robb, Alan Buvelot, Tim Griffin, Frank Flanagan, John Teshima and Carol Teshima.

Churches and organizations recognized for their teams of volunteers include: Century 21, Exchange Club, Michigan City Fire Department, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Life Care Center, Long Beach Realty, Michigan City Christian Church, Phi Delts, Police Department, River of Life Church, St. John’s United Church of Christ and St. Paul Lutheran Church.

The following local businesses contributed gifts and certificates: Al’s, Carlson’s Drive In, Galveston, Holly’s, Life Care Center, Patrick’s Grille, Red Lobster, Save-A-Lot, Sophia’s, Swingbelly's, Susie Vance and Victory Lane Car Wash.

To increase the organization’s visibility and help raise funds, local businesses Darling, Hoity Toity, Uptown Cakery and Urban Soles will be displaying bags of jumbo jelly beans. Pick up a bag for a $5 donation. Enjoy the delicious candy and feel good knowing that 100 percent of the proceeds will go to support your local Meals on Wheels.

To become a volunteer or to inquire about services, call 872-9117.

Cheryl Daurer

Executive Director, La Porte County Meals on Wheels

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