MC, there is a hero among you

Citizens of Michigan City and the surrounding areas, you can now rest well at night knowing a hero is in your midst. The Superman of plumbers works right here.

I have a 3-year-old who recently discovered the fun of flushing random items down the toilet. In the sewer somewhere below our rental house in New Buffalo lies ear plugs, coins, Uno cards, and many things I’m sure I don’t even know about. Until recently, a very special watch was among them. This watch was given to my husband by his mother after his father died. Like many of our friends and family, he died too young and too quickly of cancer. In the three years since his passing, there’s been a profound emptiness at holidays, graduations, special occasions and the births of three of our children. One of my father-in-law’s most precious possessions was this watch and he was proud to be able to pass it down to his son and only child. My husband was planning to pass it down to his sons as well; the start of what would hopefully become a long family tradition.

Once he realized it was gone, my husband was bereft. It was guilt at abdicating his responsibility to this family heirloom. It was grief at losing something so important to both of them. And it was the loss of a future where he could explain to our children the love of the grandfather they’ll never know through one of his most prized belongings. He saw his father in that watch and he was gone all over again.

Swooping in to save the day was a Master Plumber named Dominick. I explained our situation and Dominick was incredibly empathetic. He, too, has a 3-year-old and a lost father. For three days, this man worked tirelessly. Each morning we would talk, he would have come up with a new creative shot at searching. He certainly tempered our expectations, but I knew he couldn’t let it go, either, and was left contemplating something, anything else he could do each evening. When he called me with the amazing news of recovery, he was as thrilled as I was. I would have loved to have been at the house when he found it to see his reaction, too.

Very often, we all go about our days and do our jobs competently. There’s no real benefit to striving an enormous amount above the status quo. I’m sure on most days, the headline of this story would be, “Plumber does job”. But on this day, I’m glad I get to take a minute and really spread the recognition this man is due. Every once in a while, working hard, working with some imagination, doing everything you can, actually means the world to someone else. Dominick will forever hold a special place in our family, in what will now be “the funny story of the watch,” hopefully for as many generations as this beloved symbol survives.

Ashley Weber

Mason, Ohio


Thanks for giving us our money back

There are some articles that I just can’t help myself but to reply to the premise of the article. To be ecstatic over a grant — which I will say is a give back of our own money — is the core problem with the mentality of Punch 10. I really wonder what they wasted the money on the prior years. A million dollars isn’t a lot of money in Michigan City — it’s a couple of studies and a few trees. I wish they would spend the million on moving the library — but that’s a few more generations away.

Roger Willoughby

Elston Grove


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