Boy best choice to replace Pelath

Patricia (Pat) Boy’s four terms on the Michigan City Common Council bring a track record of service and results. She has experience in budget and finance. Economic development, community development and labor negotiations are part of her job. She knows how to move resolutions and ordinances. She organizes forums and town hall meetings. She builds Neighborhood Associations that improve the quality of life. She worked to bring a Women’s Commission to the city. She worked with legislators to protect the whole Great Lakes Region from pollution, and to protect a local wetland. Now, she is working on a Veterans’ Commission. She is a Democrat from the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party. More information about her positions is available at

Scott Pelath has resigned as House Minority Leader and has declined to run for re-election. Pat Boy and two others are on the Democratic Primary ballot to replace Scott. But, Pat’s experience means she will need far less on-the-job training as a legislator. We in Indiana House District 9 need Pat as part of the Blue Wave in the General Election. Please choose a Democratic ballot and vote for Pat Boy on May 8.

Brian Meyers

Don Briggs

Deborah Chubb

Pastor Dennis Carroll

Holly Hock

Martha Maust

Beth Pishkur

Group of law enforcement officers endorse Lake

As law enforcement officers with decades of experience working to keep our community safe, we believe the choice for La Porte County Prosecutor is clear: John Lake is the candidate we trust to lead the Office of La Porte County Prosecutor, and we are proud to give him our unanimous endorsement.

As a deputy prosecutor for 23 years in the La Porte County Prosecutor’s Office, John Lake effectively collaborated with police departments throughout La Porte County to keep criminals off of our streets. He has done so with unfailing availability, professionalism, work ethic, compassion for victims and a strong commitment to public safety.

Since 2014, Lake successfully prosecuted five murder cases, including a cold case from 1983, which stands as a testament to his dedication and readiness to tackle and try cases no matter how difficult they may be. Lake is also the only candidate to have successfully tried criminal cases in all five of La Porte County’s Courts. He has the experience, integrity and leadership the prosecutor’s office and La Porte County needs.

We know that John Lake is the best choice for our elected Prosecutor. With an impeccable record over many years of service to La Porte County, he has earned our trust and, most important, our votes. We ask you to join us in supporting John Lake and make him our Prosecutor on May 8.

Michael Mollenhauer, La Porte County Sheriff (retired)

James Sosinski, Chief Deputy La Porte County Sheriff’s Department (retired)

Steve Ames, Chief Deputy Kingsford Heights

Dennis Bernth, Major La Porte County Sheriff’s Department (retired)

Jon Keene, Captain La Porte County Sheriff’s Department

Rick Kentaft, Special Agent (retired)

Scott Matzke, Michigan City Police Department (retired)

Corey McKinney, Correctional Police Officer

David Pflughaupt, La Porte County Sheriff’s Department (retired)

David Spence, La Porte County Sheriff’s Department (retired)

Slawek Czupryna, La Porte County Sheriff’s Department

Address mental health before new gun measures

I am a U.S. veteran, a retired police officer, a member of the Fraternal Order of Police and an active member of the NRA, residing and working in La Porte County.

I am writing to express my strong opposition to any new gun control meassures that would only impact law-abiding gun owners. Punishing law-abiding gun owners for the acts of criminals is flat out wrong and won’t solve any of the mental health and behavioral problems that we desperately need to do something about.

I ask all Americans to stand strong in support of the Second Amendment and oppose all gun control.

Doing nothing is not an option, but doing something that won’t fix the problem and blames law-abiding gun owners shouldn’t be an option either. Please support and focus on legislation to protect our schools and our communities, as well as fix our broken mental health system.

Larry Mitchell

La Porte

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