A dermatologist debunks top sunscreen excuses

(BPT) - As routines shift, people often have to make behavioral changes to adapt to their new daily schedules, which can come with excuses. Whether it’s learning to cook healthy meals more frequently, adapting to outdoor exercise or adjusting a skincare regimen, people tend to make excuses as they learn these new behaviors. No matter how healthy your lifestyle habits are, there has likely been a time you’ve made an excuse for skipping the sunscreen, whether it be the cloudy weather outside or the promise to yourself that you’re only stepping out for a few minutes.

Regardless of the reasons why, a new survey conducted by CeraVe reveals that 75% of Americans can agree that their dermatologist would be unsatisfied with their sunscreen habits, so if you have a list of excuses for ignoring proper sun care, you are not alone. Even so, skipping sunscreen can have serious consequences down the road for your skin’s appearance and its health, so it is an excuse no one can afford to make.

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